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Linkseride is an industry-leading specialist in electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles.

At Linkseride, we specialize in catering to the unique needs of wholesalers and retailers, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric cargo scooters to meet diverse market demands.  Our collaborative approach extends to building lasting relationships with wholesalers and retailers, providing personalized solutions to enhance your product lineup.

Trust us as your dedicated partner in success, and together, let’s redefine the standards of quality and reliability in the electric vehicle industry.

Fat Tire Scooter

Electric fat tire scooter Citycoco EEC DOT Proved

Golf Scooter

sepcially designed electric scooter with golf rack

Trike Scooter

electric trike scooter electric tricycle

Delivery Scooter

pizza delivery scooter package delivery scooter

FAQ about doing business with Linkseride

Let’s check out the whole process of an electric scooter from China factory. from production, quality checking, road testing, packing and more.

We offer Custom Electric Scooter

What Can You Custom?
From a hand painting to a finished product, customize your exclusive business.

We boast a team dedicated to electric scooter Design, electric scooter configuration, and the entire spectrum of production assembly & testing.

Our technical engineers for electric bicycles are adept at tailoring power battery capacity, motor specifications, and controller power, as well as fine-tuning brake and control systems to match the bespoke performance criteria outlined by our clients. We furnish customers with detailed parameter configuration tables to transparently articulate the specifications. In alignment with individual requirements, we meticulously choose high-quality components from reputable brands, encompassing the body, tires, motors, controllers, and batteries.

The Electric Scooter Manufacturing Process

The factory production workflow of an electric scooter from China.

Raw material inspection

For the first step, our quality checking team will have a responsible person in charge do the full inspestion for different parts.

Preparation Procedure

Make proper plans to arrange each bulk order and finish the production to meet loading time. Then prepare all the spare parts needed for the whole order accordingly.

VIN number printing

For this step, print the unique vehicle identification number (VIN) on each scooter and follow the number regulation to meet different market road-legal regulations. 


When all the preparation work has been done, we can start online production follow the internal assembly flow chart. Finish each step obey our standard.

Inspection (light-braking-test)

The product inspection will do both during the assembling and after the assembling. Necessary parts checking for all lights, horns, brakings and etc.

Road Test

In-house road testing with bumps and up and down slop. Checking the climb ability (motor power), suspension(F&R shock) and braking ability.

Packaging and Loading

t handlebar off to load more quantity in a container. Use iron frames or strong foam to protect scooters from damage during long-time sea shipping.


We will carry out all necessary customs clearing before your scooter will be loaded for delivery. When it finally arrives at the destination port, we will notify you in advance.

Customize Or Sell Your Electric Scooter With Us

With our overseas warehouse set up, we can have sample checking faster than before. And if you have your own design and ideas, we have a strong team to support your needs like GPS tracking for rental, fleet solutions for a delivery business, or just small changes based on our standard model.

let us know your needs and let’s complete your project together.

Get A Solution For Your Scooter Projects

Whether you are an individual buyer, a retailer, a small start-up or a wholesaler, we’re here to answer any questions.

About Us

Electric Scooter Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe.

Let's do something to make the wrold cleaner with electric revolution.
We are passionate about what we are doing with the electric future. Our mission is to provide sustainable and inclusive last-mile mobility solutions, enabling people to move freely meanwhile doing something to help the world climate goals.
We want to make sure that transformation happens in the right way – through technology and innovation, By working with over 25 factories in the industry, we carefully pick our partners for these road-legal vehicles and adapt to local needs with different markets to ensure its safety. 
electric chopper scooter electric scooter manufacturer

Custmization Service

We offer Frame Customization, Motor Adjustments, Battery Optimization and more as the clients needs. We will complete the electric scooter 3D structural design drawings for customer include body size, motor position, and the configuration of each component.

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Marketing Support

We offer Abundant Recourses to Show The Advantages, Professional Guidance to Build A Website, Target Advertising to Attract Customers, Website SEO to Improve The Ranking, Market Targeting to Analyze Industry Trend.

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After-sale Service

We are pleased to cooperate with global dealers. We have a complete service system, which can provide after-sales service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet the needs of dealers immediately.

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Get in touch with us today to explore business opportunities. We look forward to establishing a strong and collaborative partnership with you!Get in touch with us today to explore business opportunities. We look forward to establishing a strong and collaborative partnership with you!

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