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Experienced Team

-China electric scooter supplier with experienced sales team with over 10 years international trading experiences

-OEM/ODM service provided by professional engineer

-24/7 online service available

Superior Quality

-Strict quality control system

-12months warranty for products including controller, motor and battery

-LIFETIME technical support

Local Service

-EU warehouse located in Netherlands and Belgium

-US warehouse located in California, Florida and New Jersey

-Test ride appointment available on site

DOT/EEC Certificated



-DOT proved for electric scooter that come with MCO for registration.

The Role Cooperation With Us

Linkseride is an industry-leading electric scooter supplier in Electric vehicles industry. We offer design, and manufacturing since  2014. From nationwide wholesale businsses to start-up small businesses and also with local drop shipping cooperation, Linkseride supports a wide range of business clients by providing experienced technic support, industry insights, various product ranges and consistent before and after-sales service.

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If you are a wholesaler

  • Linkseride is professional to support our wholesaler clients with enough store parts and manage our supply chain to ensure that our production capacity matches your sales plan.
  • We are confident with our strict quality control process before delivery.
  • We have a trusted shipping agency to cooperate and​ will help to book as well as ensure your shipment is on time.
  • Overseas warehouses offer a fast sample delivery and decision-making process.

If you are a drop shipper

  • Linkseride team is willing to grow together with our customers offering industry reports, market experiences and more.
  • We provide local US and EU warehouses to support drop shipping businesses or local fast pick-up services. 
  • Cash payment is allowed from our warehouse to eliminate all your worries with first cooperation.
  • We provide reliable logistics with UPS ground shipping and budget-friendly truck companies.
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Who We Help

Global Business

If you are experienced in importing electric vehicles from China mainland, we are happy to offer FOB or EXW price to you. OEM available with all models for

fat tire electric scooter supplier

Local Business

If you are focusing on your local market with supplies, Links ERide’s local warehouse will also offer with the solution for
-Local store/grocer/scooter rental
-Shopping mall
-TV shopping, Online Dropshipping

Join us as a dealer

Linkseride Tech is expanding their brick and mortar dealers Worldwide. Whether you want to import full containers with your own logo and design or you need some scooters for your rental, tour and sale business locally, we get you covered.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Electric Scooter Supplier produces wide range of electric scooter. These electric-powered scooter are equipped with motor and battery that provide power to these scooters. The speed and endurance of the scooter varies from model to model. The various type of the electric scooter are as following:-

There is a vast variety of scooter ranging from simple petrol driven to modern electric scooters. Following reasons make products of Linkseride Electric Scooters supplier more suitable as compared to others:- 

  • The electric scooter supplier  products are environmental friendly as they are equipped with motor and there is no burning of fuel that causes smoke pollution.
  • The motors of different watts are installed different models of scooters produced by electric scooters supplier. These motors define the maximum speed limit of the scooter.
  • The li-ion batteries installed in electric scooter is chargeable the capacity of the battery define the maximum distance travel in a single charging.
  • The suspension system of the electric scooter is very effective and provides stability during all kinds of terrains.
  • The electric scooter also have a comfortable seat that make long travelling easy. More Suitable-Linkseride

The electric scooter supplier products can be ordered on linkseride through a very simple and easy method. The customer can visit the online site of the linkseride and fill in the inquiry form to get catalogue and price list.  Thereafter the customer can chose the product and place the order. The orders of small quantity are processed in 24 hours and shipped to the customers within 3 to 7 days while those bulk products are processed in 3 to 5 days and later shipped to customers. The payment is through online transaction. The customer can have detail review of about the products available before finalizing the order. The electric scooter supplier products are available in wide variety that can be help in selecting the scooter of own choice. Purchase-Linkseride The delivery of e-bikes are with UPS/Fedex ground shipping, scooters are with truck shipping. The products is also 95 percent assembled before the dispatch. The customer satisfaction is the prime objective that is achieved through timely shifting.

The maintenance of any automobile or bike is very essential for its smooth running. There are certain checks which should be followed so that the electric scooter can be used without any faults. Following checks and maintenance should be adhered:-

  • The electric parts including motor and other should be inspected for any error or fault.
  • The battery should be regular charged and maintained with our standard charger.
  • Tire pressure should be checked and maintained.
  • Suspension of the bike should be checked for any fault.
  • Any fault in front and rear lights should be checked.
  • The Breaks should be check for any fault in the hydraulic system.
  • Daily maintenance should be carried. Maintenance-Linkseride
  • Weekly inspection of the critical part.
  • Monthly inspection of the major parts. 

The electric scooter are used for different purposes as per the design, shape and capacity of the engine, following are the main uses of the electric manufacturer products:-

  • The electric scooters are very ideal for travelling within the city and colonies as it produces very low sound.
  • The electric scooter can be used for long distance travel. This scooter has additional storage cases that can carry extra battery and other required baggage.
  • The electric scooter has a stable ride therefore it suitable is for off road travel.
  • The electric scooter can also be used for daily travelling routine to work place as it economical with regards to fuel.
  • These scooters can be used for exploring the unfrequented areas as they can be plied in all type of terrain with necessary precautions.
  • The scooter can be used with baggage container for immediate transportation of stuff to such places or street where car or other vehicles cannot go.
  • The scooter can be used in games like golf to help travel the distance in a comfortable manner.
  • The electric scooter can be used for site seeing on beaches where other bike may not be very comfortable. Uses-Linkseride

The electric scooter supplier produces the scooter that are environmental friendly. The scooter are getting famous due to their unique and distinctive characteristics:-

  • The electric scooter supplier is a latest technology in motor bikes and scooters that works on electric generation of power.
  • The electric scooter are in line with the principles of preserving the environment from pollution as it don’t release smoke into the atmosphere like other petrol vehicles.
  • The electric scooter can be taken off road in various types of terrains like desert, beaches and other places which cannot easily accessible without a vehicle.
  • The electric scooter has a shape that is very fascinating and attracts the customers towards itself.
  • The hydraulic break system of electric scooter brake system is effective when applied down the slope.
  • The electric scooter has created a lot of competition among the manufacturer and everyone is trying to make the scooter state of the art for better business output.
  • The customers or users of the electric scooter have a lot of intimacy for the scooter due to its comfortable ride, reliable performance, access to variety of terrain conditions and affordability.
  • The electric scooter also provides better business opportunity to the distributor and suppliers as it demand has increased considerably over a period of time. Business of supplying fat tire electric scooters has good results these days.Unique-Linkseride

The electric scooter is a new technology that has earned a great liking from the user over a period of time due to cost effectiveness, performance, comfortable ride, easy maintenance and many other reasons. The company carrying out the manufacturing of electric scooter have many competitor for gaining a credible rapport in the market. There are certain business challenges faced by the electric scooter supplier, which are as under:-

  • The regular updatee of technology is an important challenge as the customer’s demands new with the passage of time. The supplier of electric scooter has to remain update about the technology it is offering with regarding to operating mechanism of the scooter.
  • The features in any model is expected to be upgraded. The supplier of electric scooter has to ensure that new and innovative features should be included in the upcoming models to attract the customers.
  • The confidence of the customer is vital for any manufacturer. The supplier of  electric scooter has to be more concerned about getting the confidence of the customer regarding the performance of the scooter. Linkseride team are confident with the product quality and customer service.
  • The distance range is a key consideration by the market while selecting the scooter from electric version or the traditional petrol version. The supplier of electric scooter has to improve the endurance of the battery. For example the total distance travel on a single charging for the electric scooter from our US warehouse can reach up to 50miles with 30Ah battery and 70miles for 40Ah version. View our products.
  • The supply of the electric scooter spare parts is also an important part and the most challenge part for the electric scooter supplier. Most of the scooter in the market now are not with the normal accessories like tires and brakes. So we now have more and more electric scooter accessories ship to our US warehouse to fulfill the sales and after-sale service for our fat tire electric scooter users. That’s how we overcome the challenge of the electric revolution.

The feedback is the vital part for any product launched to the market. Different users have different expectations towards the products. Glad we are now getting good feedback but also some more suggestions.These suggestion can also be considered as the expectation of the customer those are required to be addressed for making the product more user friendly. The electric scooter customers also have certain expectations from the supplier those can be communicated by giving the feedback on online forums of the manufacturer. Following are the expectations of the customers from the supplier:-

  • Bring in new technology in the upcoming models of the electric scooter.
  • Improvements in the endurance of the battery of electric scooter after one time charging.
  • Improvements in the looks and appearance of the electric scooter.
  • Inclusion of necessary accessories in the electric scooter to make the long travelling more comfortable.
  • Improvement in the comfort level of the seats of electric scooter so that rider can enjoy the travel.
  • Bring in more attractive features in electric scooter.
  • Making the electric scooter more sustainable for rugged terrain.
  • Making the scooter free of minor faults and heck-ups.
  • In case of any fault during the travelling on electric scooter.. Video calling facility to rectify the fault from a recommended mechanic and electrician.
  • Provision of necessary online services 24/7 about electric scooters.
  • Provision of rapid delivery service after placing the orders for the electric scooter.
  • Provision of free consultancy for finalizing the correct model of the electric scooter. Become our dealer-Linkseride

The electric scooter supplier has vast range of products that includes electric scooters, bikes, motorcycles and e-moped. These products of  electric scooter supplier have brought a lot of ease in day to day routine of the user. These products are environmental friendly and do not cause any sort of pollution. They are cost effective keeping in view the latest technology and the user can invest his money to purchase these electric scooters. The electric scooter is one of the latest products that have been praised a lot by the user. The electric scooter has a very comfortable ride. It can be taken easily on any type of terrain. The scooter can also carry extra charged batteries to travel more distance. These scooters are very stylish and have very good response from the user. The customer can chose the model of his requirement, as models varies according to the need of the user. The electric scooter supplier also provides an opportunity to people for setting up a business of supplier. become our dealer-Linkseride The bulk order can be placed for different types of the products all across the world and can be sold as per customer requirement. The products are available at very reasonable prices and can be afforded by the people keeping in view the latest technology. The most important aspect of the electric scooter supplier’s product is their positive affect on environment. These scooters can significantly reduce the pollution if used at a large scale. So there is a requirement to promote their use. 

The electric scooter supplier provides online contact facility through customer care centers, beside all our walk in test ride points. These customers care centers are available 24/7 for the service. The customer also forward queries via email to the supplier and the answer is forwarded in the due course of time. The supply or dealer stores of the online manufacturer can also be visited to address any query. The staff of the electric scooter supplier is always present for the facilitation of the customer to address their questions about the product. The customer of the electric scooter supplier can also give feedback about the products purchased and suggest improvements for the future. The feedback and suggestions are always welcomed for improvement of the system and to bring in best products. check our youtube channel for product details-Linkseride

The dealer and suppliers can also be contacted regarding the feedback on the order, delivery and shipping of the fat tire scooter electric manufacturer products. The fat tire electric scooter manufacturer have a well-developed mechanism for the customer care that can give a satisfactory response to the customer, in case further clarity required then experts are also referred as per the matter required  clearance.

The various models of electric scooter supplier have different features those should consulted to finalize it, details as under:-

  • Motor: Maximum watt, maximum torque, maximum speed and brand of motor.
  • Controller: Voltage of the controller.
  • Battery: Voltage of the battery and maximum speed.
  • Charger: Type of charger and what is the maximum time.
  • Throttle: Level of throttle in the gear.
  • Display system.
  • Lights
  • Kickstand: electric cut off when putting the kickstand down.
  • Tire: 12” straight grain vacuum tubeless tire.
  • Hydraulic disc break.
  • Front and rear suspension.
  • Frame
  • Fender
  • Saddle Models to Select-Linkseride

The use of electric scooters supplier products is getting in trend across the globe. It was common in Europe and US and now it is also becoming common in other countries. It can be foreseen that in future it will become more common in the other countries also. The main reason why it is getting common is due to the fact that it is very environmental friendly as it does not cause any sort of pollution as cause due to the burning of petrol and other fuels. The fat tire electric scooter manufacturer products are becoming common due to the fact that they are very well equipped with the latest technology as not available in the previous scooter or the bikes. Following are main reason why this bike is becoming common:-

  • The electric scooter supplier products are equipped with electric motor that does not have any adverse effect on the environment.
  • The motors are offered in different range by electric scooter supplier. These motors determine the maximum watt, maximum torque, and maximum speed.
  • The batteries of electric scooter have sufficient capacity for long distance.
  • The electric scooters have good suspension that permits riding on all types of terrains. The scooter can be easily taken to beaches, deserts and mountainous areas without fear of breakdown.

The key for keeping any vehicle or scooter or bike on road is it maintenance. The electric scooter are very advanced technology therefore it is necessary that customers should get maximum guidelines from the online session with the customer care centre’s about the maintenance of the product. Electric scooter supplier-Linkseride The queries can also be forwarded via mail to the expert staff who can respond it with complete details about the problem highlighted by the individual. The guidelines about the maintenance of various parts that include battery, motor, controller, breaks is very important to keep the scooter on road. The suspension of the scooter is also very important for its smooth and balance ride. The product of the electric scooter supplier requires routine maintenance to keep it on road and in functional condition.

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