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The details of Electric scooter wholesale our products

Linkseride is committed to providing the most affordable and sustainable light electric scooters with zero emissions and 100% green energy.

We are a professional team supplying electric vehicles, including electric fat tire scooters, electric golf scooters, trike scooters and delivery moped scooters, with more than 10 years of rich experience.

With the increased demand in wholesale and retail orders, we also establish overseas warehouses in Europe and the United States in order to reduce transportation time. With these local stocks, we can widely shorten the sample checking time before your confirm the wholesale bulk orders.

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Citycoco Electric Scooter wholesale

Electric Scooter Wholesale

If you are a scooter wholesaler, you could reach out to us and request a custom order

Linkseride team will introduce the high-level manufacturing solutions as well as meet your target price for the project. Any customization ideas like bluetooth speaker, GPS system, seat heating, dual motor, double battery are welcome. We offer a wide selection of electric bikes and scooters, along with top-notch customer service you won’t find anywhere else. Know more about our products from our youtube channel.

But firstly, we need you to send us your customization requirement!​

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Electric Scooter Wholesale Can Be Easy & Fast.

Let's go green go electric!

With our range of products, Linkseride team aims to help residents switch to electric transport and reduce their impact on the environment.

We strongly believe that in order to reduce CO2 emissions, we all have a role to play, and our role is to help you find an affordable, sustainable and enjoyable alternative to carbon. 

electric scooter wholesale

The Electric Scooter Manufacturing Process

The factory production workflow of an electric scooter from China.

Raw material inspection

The raw material is a base of making good products. Our quality checking team will do full inspestion of raw material parts to ensure meet the technical standards.

Preparation Procedure

At this stage, the production manager will make production plans for each bulk order. Sort out all the spare parts needed for the whole order production and give them out to each line.

VIN number printing

Print the unique vehicle identification number (VIN) on each frame. In-house VIN number printing machine to print as customization requirements.


When all the preparation work has been done, start online production. From the frame to F &R wheel installation, then the controller connection to all the needed electronic parts and other necessary covers.

Inspection (light-braking-test)

In-process quality inspection and finished good quality inspection will both go through the checking of all lights, horns, brakings and etc.

Road Test

We will simulate different riding conditions such as sudden brake, sharp bends, and slop climbing. Each fully assembled scooter will do the road test.

Packaging and Loading

We will have the front tire and front handlebar off for more loading quantity. We use a 7-layer carton box to protect scooters from damage.


At this stage, we will complete all necessary customs clearing from China port. When it finally arrives at the destination port, we will notify you in advance.

The Whole Process For Wholesale Electric Scooter

Purchasing our electric scooter is a straightforward process. From negotiation to delivery, we get your order delivered in one piece.

Step 1

Send a inquiry

First things first, you need to send an inquiry with your requirements.

Step 2

We will prepare first quotation offer based on your needs.

Step 3

Negotiate prices and other details with our sales team to meet both parties.

Step 4

Sample checking

Check samples of your order to see if it matches your requirements.

Step 5

OEM details

Discuss with us if you need any customization ideas for the products.

Step 6


When you confirmed with all details, we can go into contract with you.

Step 7


We begin to manufacture your orders according to the detailes on contract.

Step 8


We will load containers and book sea shipment on time as we discussed.

Step 9

After-sale service

We will do a follow up after you receive the good and offer lifetime technical support.

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