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Our direct sales model extends beyond websites, offering free marketing support to establish and optimize sales channels, including Shopify. We provide diverse resources for showcasing product benefits on platforms like social media, ensuring comprehensive marketing assistance for our electric tricycles.

Flexible Wholesale Solutions

Enjoy the advantages of our low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and direct factory pricing. Branded electric bikes have no MOQ, and for brand customization, the minimum order is just 50 units. This flexibility not only accelerates delivery times but also minimizes storage costs, streamlining the wholesale process.

End-to-End Manufacturing Expertise

As a trusted electric tricycle manufacturer with over a decade of experience, we provide OEM and ODM services. Our team of 100+ skilled workers and R&D engineers ensures top-tier products and innovative solutions, supporting the growth of your business.

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Electric Tricycle Manufacturer

Citycoco Trike Scooter

Unlock Growth with CityCoco Trike Scooters: Partner with Leading Electric Tricycle Manufacturer

  • Cutting-Edge Design and Technology
  • Customization for Your Brand
  • Unparalleled Manufacturing Expertise
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  • Competitive Pricing and Profit Margins

Electric Cargo Tricycle

Linkseride Electric Tricycles are made to increase one’s daily efficiency – whether the elderly who need to get around or commuters needing a convenient method of transportation. We also offer electric tricycles for recreation and leisure activities.

As a manufacturer, we specialize in creating tailor-made electric tricycles to match your specific requirements and brand preferences. Our primary commitment revolves around delivering transportation solutions that are both comfortable and cost-effective.

Furthermore, our production process adheres to the highest quality standards. From design to manufacturing, each step is meticulously executed under stringent quality control measures. This ensures that every electric tricycle we produce meets the highest standards and reaches you in impeccable condition.


Electric Tricycle Manufacturer
electric tricycle manufacture

Electric 3-wheel Leisure scooter

Welcome to Linkseride – Your Electric Tricycle Manufacturer

Discover innovation with Linkseride, your premier electric tricycle manufacturer. Our cutting-edge technology ensures top-notch performance and sustainability. Customize your fleet to meet your unique business needs and reduce your carbon footprint with our eco-friendly solutions.


Bulk Orders: Efficient fulfillment for small to large-scale deployments.
Worldwide Shipping: Seamless global delivery.
Ongoing Support: Comprehensive after-sales assistance.

About Electric Trike Scooter

Know more about our Trike Scooter 

Linkseride is one of the electric tricycle manufacturers from China. Electric trike scooter has been known for quite a long time and is popular all over the world. Nowadays, electric technologies have stepped far ahead and modern tricycles have changed not only their appearance, but also turned into an environmentally safe, lightweight and compact form of individual transport. there are several types of electric tricycles.

Due to its stability and convenience, it will especially appeal to the elderly. You no longer need to look for a place to lean the scooter after a trip or worry that it will fall off the running board. This electric scooter stands confidently and without outside help. A tricycle can be equipped with a differential, which means, it can be driven on both rear wheels, which gives greater stability and controllability when cornering.

Why Buy from Links ERide?

Experienced Team

-Experienced sales team with over 10 years international trading experiences

-OEM/ODM service provided by professional engineer

-24/7 online service available

Superior Quality

-Strict quality control system

-12months warranty for products including controller, motor and battery

-LIFETIME technical support

Local Service

-EU warehouse located in Netherlands and Belgium

-US warehouse located in California, Florida and New Jersey

-Test ride appointment available on site

DOT/EEC Certificated



-DOT proved for electric scooter that come with MCO for registration.

The Electric Scooter Manufacturing Process

The factory production workflow of an electric scooter from China.

Raw material inspection

High-quality raw materials are the basis for a good product. Our quality inspection team will be dedicated to the different parts. The raw materials will be thoroughly inspected to ensure compliance with the relevant technical standards and qualified products.

Preparation Procedure

The preparation process is where our production manager will create a planning and scheduling list to schedule each order and complete production on time. And sort out all spare parts required for the production of the entire order.

VIN number printing

Each of our scooters has a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and motor number that allows it to be registered in the system and driven legally on the street. We have an in-house VIN number printer that can be printed to custom requirements.


It is the main process of scooter production-assembly. When all the preparation is done, we can start the online production. From the frame to the installation of the tires, then the main controller is connected to all the needed electronic parts and other necessary covers.

Inspection (light-braking-test)

The inspection will take place during and after assembly. During the assembly process, all parts will be checked first when the controller is connected. After all assembly is completed, the quality inspector will check all lights, horn, brakes, etc. again.

Road Test

The road test is actually another form of inspection. We have an in-house test site with bumps and up and down slopes. So we can check the climbing ability and braking ability, which is the most important part of an electric scooter.

Packaging and Loading

In order to load more quantity in the container. For packaging, for some models, we remove the front tires and front handlebars and wrap them with the frame. We use iron frames or strong foam to protect the scooters from damage during the long shipping process.


At this stage, we will perform all necessary customs clearance before your scooter is loaded for delivery. When it finally arrives at the destination port, we will send you an email alert in advance.

Creating Products That Work And Last

quality control

In order to ensure that our electric scooters can deal with everything encountered, our quality control department simulates various types of riding conditions during the inspection and tests the performance of electric scooters on different road types to ensure that the product meets and exceeds its performance. All assembled electric scooters are tested to ensure that your products are safe, stable, durable, and fully meet the promised performance.

The Whole Process For Wholesale Electric Scooter

Purchasing our electric scooter is a straightforward process. From negotiation to delivery, we get your order delivered in one piece.

Step 1

Send an inquiry

Send us an inquiry by e-mail, or through Whatsapp, phone call or text with your detailed requirment.

Step 2

Based on your inquiry, Linkseride sales team will provide a quotation sheet accordingly.

Step 3

Discuss product details for colors, shipping, payment terms and etc. with our sales team.

Step 4

Sample checking

Check the samples when your receive the package. Offer us your feedback towards the electric scooter.

Step 5

OEM details

Provide your customization ideas to us, our sales team will offer a solution within 1 week.

Step 6


Both parties sign a contract clarify all the order details, spare parts needed, OEM requirements, finishing time and etc.

Step 7


Our factory will start the electric scooter production after we receive the payment for bulk order and make it on time.

Step 8


When the balance payment has been done, we will book and arrange shipment to meet the delivery time

Step 9

After-sale service

Linkseride team offer full service before and after sales. Lifetime technical support offered to our valued clients.


Most frequent questions and answers

Despite the rather simple essence, which is a frame on three wheels, an autonomous engine and a control system, there are several types of electric tricycles.

It is customary to refer to the first three-wheeled electric scooter. At the same time , it is favorably distinguished from a conventional scooter:

no exhaust fumes and ear-jarring noise;
availability of a roomy trunk;
a comfortable armchair.
Due to its stability and convenience, it will especially appeal to the elderly. You no longer need to look for a place to lean the scooter after a trip or worry that it will fall off the running board. This electric scooter stands confidently and without outside help.

The second type is an electric tricycle, light and maneuverable, this unit has a roomy trunk and a large power reserve on one electric traction without using human muscular strength. Its advantage relative to the electric scooter is the presence of pedals, with which you can always get to the designated place, even if the battery charge is at zero. A tricycle can be equipped with a differential, that is, it can be driven on both rear wheels, which gives greater stability and controllability when cornering.

Another rather specific type of tricycle is a three-wheeled electric scooter with a seat, whose name speaks for itself, and which is also presented in our catalog.

Partnering with Linkseride is easy. Contact us at info@linkseride.com, and our team will guide you through the process of integrating our reliable electric tricycles into your business model.

We are committed to our clients beyond the sale, offering comprehensive after-sales support to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of your electric tricycles.

Tricycle electric bicycles are a type of bicycle with an electric drive and two wheels mounted on the rear axle instead of one. This makes it possible to achieve a more stable design with a higher load capacity, which makes an electric bicycle with three wheels popular among adults, summer residents and suburban residents.

How to choose a tricycle electric bike?
Before you buy a tricycle, choose a model that suits your riding style. When choosing, pay attention to the following technical characteristics:

The power of the electric motor. It directly affects the driving characteristics (speed, acceleration, power, etc.). Usually three-wheeled electric bikes are equipped with a 500-700 Watt engine mounted on the front drive wheel. This allows you to develop an average speed (about 40 km / h), which is quite enough for a comfortable ride on village and park roads with uneven asphalt and small slides – there is always enough traction.
Load capacity. In our catalog you can find tricycles with a maximum load from 120 to 160 kg.
Battery capacity. A 10 Ah battery is enough to overcome 25-30 km on a single charge, if you drive only by electric drive. If you twist the pedals in the process, then the battery may be enough for 40-50 km. Also, some models have a regenerative braking system installed, which increases the range.
The size of the wheels. Large diameter wheels with wide tires will provide a smoother ride and high cross-country ability.
Availability of additional accessories. A 3-wheel electric bike can be equipped with front and rear LED lights, trunks and baskets for transporting goods, etc. All this adds comfort and functionality, but makes the purchase more expensive.

The main features of this type of equipment:
A cargo electric tricycle is the owner of one front guide wheel and two rear driving wheels. Large-diameter wheels and the versatility of tires contribute to good cross-country ability both on flat hard surfaces and on dirt roads.
The reinforced steel frame in combination with the dump truck type body allows you to load the transport to the eyeballs and transport a large volume of cargo. The load capacity of a particular model depends on its overall dimensions and weight (the manufacturer specifies these data in the specification). Basically, the market presents GET, capable of transporting from 300 to 1300 kg. Onboard cargo electric tricycles have folding side walls (sides) for more convenient loading and unloading, as well as to facilitate the transportation of oversized cargo.
A powerful shock absorption system allows you to operate vehicles on uneven rural roads.
Depending on the power of the electric motor installed on the model and the capacity of the battery, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h and travel up to 80 km on a single charge.
With management, which does not require special skills and qualifications, any and even a novice driver can cope. The dashboard provides all the necessary information about speed, mileage and so on. Comfort and safety of movement is provided by a comfortable driver’s seat and access to all levers and controls.
Most models are additionally equipped with lighting equipment (low-beam and high-beam headlights, brake lights, turn signals), rear-view mirrors, alarm systems.

Each model has optimal characteristics for a particular user. The choice depends on the stated budget and on how often and under what conditions you are going to use the vehicle. The following points are equally important:

  • A two-seat electric tricycle should be more powerful and more durable than the average modifications. And if the maximum load capacity of a conventional tricycle is 100-120 kg, then the load of a scooter designed for two should be up to 200 kg. The optimal engine option will be equipment of at least 500 watts. You should also pay attention to the battery capacity, which should correspond to the engine power. A vehicle with a productive engine and a capacious battery is characterized by greater mobility, maneuverability and convenience, which is important when transporting two passengers, and a long power reserve on a single charge.
  • a double electric scooter should be comfortable, so when choosing a model, it is important to pay attention to the seats. They should be comfortable for the driver and passenger to sit and have (preferably) a backrest and armrests. The presence of a rear trunk on which you can lean on the road will be a plus if the passenger seat does not have a backrest. The comfort of riders also depends on the width of the platform, designed for two.

a 3-wheel electric scooter, which will be convenient for everyone to ride, ideally should have the following options and parameters:

  • a productive electric motor and a high-quality battery with a good supply of capacity for long trips;
  • three 8-10 inch tread wheels for a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces;
  • high clearance (ground clearance) for country walks;
  • durable shock-absorbing suspension;
  • reliable brakes;
  • swivel seat with height adjustment and reclining handles for a comfortable fit;
  • clear informative dashboard;
  • bright headlights, marker lights, reflectors for safe driving in the dark;
  • luggage racks, rear-view mirrors, etc.

We offer a range of customization options to tailor electric tricycles according to your specific requirements. Choose features that align with your business goals for a personalized fleet.

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