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Come to Linkseride, we are Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturer and have carefully chosen these sepcial models for you.

About Electric Motorcycle

Unlike electric bikes and electric scooters, some of these models are with stylish road vehicles shapes, also offer higher speed. Which means, these motorcycle needs people who gains more experience to control it. From all below lists, our selection of electric motorcycles are nothing but fantastic, offering something to suit everyone, no matter what style you’re looking for.

LEC-12 Latest Model Storm Electric Motorcycle

Introducing the Storm, our latest high-end electric motorcycle model that targets middle and high-end consumers who are passionate about electric sports bikes. 

We hold exclusive rights to the motorcycle’s appearance.

electric motorcycle manufacturer
electric motorcycle manufacturer electric scooter

LEC-11 Electric Motorcycle Hurricane 8KW 150km/h

The Hurricane electric motorcycle is an upgrade version of the model Storm, with bigger size outer appearance. 11KW motor version is also under testing for stability and durability.

SVOLT battery cell is equipped with this model and we offer 2 years warranty for the battery pack.

CP6 Electric Motorcycle Scooter EEC Proved

3 wheel single-rider golf scooter adds more stability during riding. 2 batteries are optional adding the golf fun for your 36 holes range.

electric motorcycle manufacturer
electric motorcycle manufacturer

CP-9 Luxury Citycoco Scooter Fat Scooter 4000w

Take your back pack golf bag with your retro style chopper scooter.

Same power as your M1 or M1P electric fat tire scooter. Max speed 28mph depending on your size, the terrian situation.

Why Buy from Links ERide?

Experienced Team

-Experienced sales representatives over 10-year international import & export experience

-OEM/ODM service provided by professional designers and engineers

-24/7 online service available

Superior Quality

-Strict quality control system

-12-month warranty for parts including controller, motor and battery

-LIFETIME technical support

Local Service

-EU warehouse located in Netherlands and Belgium

-US warehouse located in California, Florida and New Jersey

-Test ride via appointment available on site

DOT/EEC Certificated



-DOT approved for electric motorcycle that come with MCO for registration.

The Electric Motorcycle Manufacturing Process

The factory production workflow of an electric motorcycle from China.

Raw material inspection

Raw materials are the essential parts for good products. These parts are strictly inspected by our QC team to guarantee the quality is in compliance with technical standards.

Preparation Procedure

At this stage, the production director make production plans for the orders. All parts required for the production of these orders are well organized and distributed to each assembly line according to the schedule.

VIN number printing

Print a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on each frame for the scooter and follow registration requirements in different countries.


When all preparations get done, those parts work through the assembly line. After frames to the wheels installation, controllers get connected to all the electronic parts such as motors, throttles, batteries and other accessories.

Inspection (light-braking-test)

Both in-process quality inspection and accomplished inspection will test all the electric components, including motors, batteries, lights, dash boards and brakes, etc.

Road Test

During the road test, we simulate different conditions, such as emergency braking, overweight, slippery pavement and climbing performance tests. Each fully assembled scooter will go through road tests over again.

Packaging and Loading

We get the front tire and front wheel handlebars disassembled off to pack, so as to save much space and more packages can be loaded in at one time, which helps save shipping cost. We use a 7-layer cardboard carton to protect the scooters from damage.


We will complete all necessary customs clearance from China ports and help with the local custom paper work such as certificates of origin. We will notify you in advance when the containers approach the destination port.

Creating Products That Work And Last

quality control

At Linkseride tech, with more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of electric vehicles, we ensure that every process is performed to the highest standards to meet our customers. We have set up a quality control department to ensure the craftsmanship of each finished product. Quality control works with our team at every stage of production, including purchase inspection, quality inspection in the process, trial riding, final inspection, and packaging and transportation.

The Whole Process For Wholesale Electric Motorcycle

Purchasing our electric scooter is a straightforward process. From negotiation to delivery, we get your order delivered in one piece.

Step 1

Send an inquiry

Firstly, send us an inquiry email stating your interested products and cooperation intention. We will reply as soon as we can.

Step 2

Linkseride sales team will provide a quotation spreadsheet as per your requests and provide a brief project solution.

Step 3

Getting the best the price and after-sales terms from our sales team and search a solution to meet your budget and quality requests.

Step 4

Sample checking

Find the fastest carrier to arrange the sample to get delivered to you for quality and design checking. Customized samples are also available.

Step 5

OEM details

Clarify your OEM thoughts and ideas based on the electric scooters and our team will send over the designs and solutions for your reference ASAP.

Step 6


Once you confirm the sample and the OEM details, we will sign a contract to take things effect.

Step 7


Accomplish the production and quality checking part, obey our standard electric scooter manufacturing rules.

Step 8


When the electric scooters are ready, we get them packed properly and carefully, then shipped via all kinds of transportation tools such as ship, truck, plane or train.

Step 9

After-sale service

When the cargo arrive at your warehouse or company, our team will provide instruction video or guideline for installing and other technical support.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it’s easy as you ride a bicycle but need to control the throttle on the right hand to get the power. 

We have standard charging port and fast 18A charging car port. So the charging time will be 3-9 hours depend on the battery capacity and charger.

We have wide range of motor power and speed option. from 100km/h to 150km/h options. contact us to get more details.

The maintenance of any electric vehicle is very essential for its smooth running. There are certain checks which should be followed so that the scooter can be used without any faults. Following checks and maintenance should be adhered:-

  • The electric parts including motor and other should be inspected for any error or fault.
  • The battery should be regular charged and maintained with our standard charger.
  • Tire pressure should be checked and maintained.
  • Suspension of the bike should be checked for any fault.
  • Any fault in front and rear lights should be checked.
  • The Breaks should be check for any fault in the hydraulic system.
  • Daily maintenance should be carried. After-sales service-Linkseride
  • Weekly inspection of the critical part.
  • Monthly inspection of the major parts. 


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