Touring Scooter

Singer Rider electric fat tire golf scooter helps you win more holes during one morning with free driving experience.

About Touring Scooter

Tourism, go sightseeing or go exersise during your vacation. Singer Rider electric fat tire golf scooter is fast and fun. You can speed up to the next round without waiting. With 60V20A battery, you get up to 18+ or 36+ holes on one charge.

If you are a golf course owner, you can offer them both a standard golf club and the Golf Cart Scooter. Offer any of the customers in your game to ride along with you for a fun and comfortable golfing experience. This will attract more younger golfers’ interests not only join in your course, but also take them back home.

fat tire golf scooter

M1 with Golf Rack

Take your back pack golf bag with your retro style chopper scooter.

Same power as your M1 or M1P electric fat tire scooter. Max speed 28mph depending on your size, the terrian situation.

M6G Golf scooter

We designed this single rider fat tire golf scooter together with our clients whose an golf court owner. Too make golf course fun and fast. It’s also a safer choice to keep social distance during COVID-19 with this single rider golf cart. 

fat tire golf scooter


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it’s easy as you ride a bicycle but need to control the throttle on the right hand to get the power. 

Nope, with the wide wheels and light weight, the Fat Tire Golf Scooter is friendly to the court as well as to the environment.

Our fat tire scooter battery is 20Ah or 30Ah capacity. With 5A charger, it takes 4 to 6 hours for fully charge from empty. All of our fat tire electric scooters are with removable lithium battery so it only takes 20 seconds to swap to the fully charged battery during the course.

If in a golf court, we advise to restrict the speed of fat tire golf scooters to 15mph to keep safe. For personal use on road, can release the speed up to 28mph.

  • Golf course rental
  • Daily commute to work
  • Business options: scooter tour, scooter rental and scooter retail but with zer-emission.

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