Delivery Scooter Fleet Solution

Electric Delivery Scooter E-Fleet Solution

Why Choose the Electric Scooter for Delivery Business?
  • Simple and easy to control
  • Smart leasing options for maximum flexibility and cost control
  • Reduce costs through low-maintenance, electric vehicles tax and electricity charging fee
  • Climate projects, leaving no carbon footprint, provide you with a completely climate-neutral transportation fleet

Explore the Electric Delivery Scooter

pizza delivery scooter Electric Delivery Scooter

Electric Delivery Scooter Solution

The market is flooded with a large number of electric scooter manufacturers, making it difficult for you to find a solution that suits your business. We bring light in the dark and provide you with a variety of electric delivery scooter fleet solutions. Here is a case study for your reference.

Specially Designed Delivery Model

  • 3000w brushless hub motor
  • 2 wheel or 3 wheel option
  • dual battery available
  • over 100L storage space
pizza delivery electric scooter China Electric Scooter

Why Buy from Links ERide?

Experienced Team

-Experienced sales team with over 10 years international trading experiences

-OEM/ODM service provided by professional engineer

-24/7 online service available

Superior Quality

-Strict quality control system

-12months warranty for products including controller, motor and battery

-LIFETIME technical support

Local Service

-EU warehouse located in Netherlands and Belgium

-US warehouse located in California, Florida and New Jersey

-Test ride appointment available on site

DOT/EEC Certificated



-DOT proved for fat tire scooter series that come with MCO for registration.

The Electric Scooter Manufacturing Process

The factory production workflow of an electric scooter from China.

Raw material inspection

When the raw material come into our warehouse, our inspector will check the whole spare parts and return back the defective ones.

Preparation Procedure

Product manager and workers will cooperate together to prepare all the parts needed to assemble the electric scooter. Put parts together for an order.

VIN number printing

Unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the most important part that must be printed correctly to follow the local registration regulations.


When all the preparation work is done, get online production started for assembly. Follow the installation flowchat and finish step by step.

Inspection (light-braking-test)

The inspection is necessary during the production process as well as inspection of the finished products. 100% checking rate to ensure the high standard.

Road Test

Road tests to check the performance of each finished scooter. Simulate different terrains and check the stability of the performance of electric scooters.

Packaging and Loading

Get the front tire and front handlebar off when packing the electric scooter. We normally will advise a best solution for packing to make it a smaller packing size. 


At this stage, we will complete all necessary customs clearance from the Chinese port. We will call or email you in advance when it finally arrives at the destination port.

Creating Products That Work And Last

quality control

At Linkseride tech, with over 10 years of experience in electric vehicle manufacturing, we ensure that every process needs follow the highest standards to make our valued customers happy and. Our quality control department will have a clear responsibility arranged for each inspection part. Quality control works with our team at every stage of production, including incoming raw material inspections, in-process quality checks, finished product quality inspection, test rides,  and outgoing quality inspections.

The Whole Process For Wholesale Electric Scooter

Purchasing our electric scooter is a straightforward process. From negotiation to delivery, we get your order delivered in one piece.

Step 1

Send a inquiry

First of all, email us/call us/ text us to tell us your inquiry productions and detailed needs.

Step 2

Linkseride sales team will provide quotation sheet based on the products in 24 hours.

Step 3

Discuss with our team for more details of price, quantity, colors, payment term, delivery time and etc.

Step 4

Sample checking

Check the sample and offer your valued feedback for the products. Let us know if there are something need improvement.

Step 5

OEM details

Tell us your OEM ideas, our team will supply a soltuion for your customization in one week.

Step 6


If we can reach an agreement for all details, we will sign an contract and confirm the final order.

Step 7


Our factory will arrange the order accordingly to meet the product standard and the timeline schedule.

Step 8


Arrange and book a shipment in advance to avoid the delay during the COVID-19 period.

Step 9

After-sale service

Linkseride team will offer a lifetime technical support to our valued clients so that we can grow up together.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, there are many different electric delivery scooter on the market that can be used to deliver food to make money. In recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people has been facing lock down and stay at home. Many food chain stores have begun to design their own exclusive food electric delivery scooter, so that customers can get their food quickly when at home.

  • good performance for a long range of more than 40 miles / 64 km.
  • the better loading capacity of 440lbs
  • the upgrade motor power offers a good torque for climbing ability
  • more and more rear storage box options with different space capacity
  • has a seat for delivery people
  • low cost for recharge by electricity compared with the fuel

Depending on the electric delivery scooter battery and charger output. We have options for 60V30AH, 72V40AH, 72V50AH, 72V80AH. With 3A/5A/12AH charger. All of our electric delivery scooters are with removable li-ion battery so it only takes 20 seconds to swap to the fully charged battery during the delivery working time.

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