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Many buyers or purchasers are worried about Scooter after sales services from Chinese suppliers.  “Part of selling the bikes is being able to work on them. needs parts that have been a major problem in the past with dealing with companies from China they’ll gladly sell their bikes but do not keep any parts in stock in the United States. It takes for ever to get parts if we ever even get parts that’s a major major problem maybe we should address that thank you”, said the client.

Linkseride team would love to face the challenge of this part by providing not only enough parts in stock but also some training and guides for using and maintaining the products.

1. Warranty Service

Linkseride team is strictly complianced with SGS & ISO quality management system, all products have to passed 5 steps inspection before shipping,this can ensure defective rate controlled within 0.3%.

1. We offer you 1 year warranty and from the date of delivery
2. If the product is damaged during transportation, we offer new replacement parts FOC.
3. If the product is damaged due to human factors, we will provide you with replacement parts at a suitable price and provide guidance for your maintenance plan.

2. Dealers Training

Linkseride will provide dealers with market trends, product manuals, regular dealer training, necessary maintance video and vehicle troubleshooting lists. We will also keep posted the latest industry news and insights and let dealers understand the development of the electric transportation industry, and cooperate together with more and more new projects to fit for the market trends.

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3. Assembly Guide

For dealers who purchase a complete bicycle/motorcycle, your electric bicycle will be basically 95% assembled upon arrival. We will provide tools and assembly videos, and our electric bicycles can be assembled in 20 minutes.
For dealers who purchase parts for assembly, we can provide detailed electric bicycle assembly videos, including step-by-step instructions. These videos are easy to understand and do not require a mechanic to disassemble and assemble the bicycle.

4. Pre-order new products

Our old customers will have the priority to get the upcoming new products or industry-related projects. Linkseride is willing to let our existing customers test our new products first and make improvements based on real feedback from the market. At the same time, we will provide more favorable wholesale prices to support our valued distributors to obtain good profit margins, so as to obtain a win-win situation.

scooter after sales service


If you have problems in the use of the product, or any scooter after sales services needed. please send photos and videos to us, we will provide you with satisfactory after-sales service, our e-mail address:

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