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Stop here when you prepare to upgrade your ride. From saddle cases to tire sizes, we’ve got what you need of the fat tire scooter accessoreis & parts to make it uniquely yours.

Scooter Parts & Accessaries

Our fat tire scooter accessories & parts offer new ways to take your ride to the next level. Offered customized handlebars, passenger seats, rear racks and more.

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Fat Tire Scooter Accessories Scooter Parts

Bags & Luggage

Find something that can make your ride more enjoyable? Get yourself a bit more storage capacity. Extra batteries, clothing and basic supplies are easy to carry when you get your scooter installed with this luggage.

Fat Tire Scooter Accessories Scooter Parts

Handle Bars

When you get your new electric fat tire scooter, you may think about changing something to the handlebars from upright to forward. Or get some good-looking colors to make the scooter your own unique style.

Fat Tire Scooter Accessories Scooter Parts

Li- ion Batteries

Upgrade your e-scooter with more capacity from 12Ah to 20Ah or even 30Ah 40Ah available to enhance your distance range for more.

Fat Tire Scooter Accessories Scooter Parts

Seats & Saddles

Comfortable is the king. Get a better seat a braket your long trip to go.

Tires & Wheels

Customized tires and wheels  meet your higher needs for performance and durability.

Fat Tire Scooter Accessories Scooter Parts
Fat Tire Scooter Accessories Scooter Parts

Brakes & Suspension


Most frequent questions and answers

We are Chinese manufacturer of electric scooter, electric motorcycle, electric Citycoco scooter, Fat tire electric scooter. We mainly get all the scooter accessories ship from China. We also stock some of the fat tire scooter parts in our EU and US warehouse for those who purchase our Citycoco scooter from local.

We now have some fat tire scooter accessories & parts fit for our scooter model only for below:

  • handlebar
  • seat
  • rear bracket
  • saddle case
  • leather bag
  • LED light 
  • tire & wheel

We welcome all the ideas to help you get your own style

Our Fat Tire Scooters reach speeds up to 30mph as standard version with 2000W motor power. Higer speed can reach up to 45mph with 3000W motor. All our scooters have 3 speed modes so you can switch to control the speed as needed.

Most popular electric bike batteries capacity is 20Ah or 30Ah. With 5A charger, it takes 4 to 6 hours for fully charge from empty. All of our fat tire electric scooter mopeds are with removable li-ion battery so that you can swap the battery within 20seconds.

  • Daily commute to work
  • Take your kids to school with extra seat
  • Explore the city, the countryside, forest, or beach
  • Business options: scooter tour, scooter rental and scooter retail business
  • DIY fun for electric version. For color, seats, handle bars and saddle cases as your Harley-Davidson scooter but with zero-emission.

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