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We're a leading Chinese factory specializing in electric two-wheelers, three-wheeler vehicles. We focus on strong partnerships with global distributors. Whether you're a distributor or importer, we offer high-quality solutions. Let's shape the future together – contact us today!

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Fat Tire Scooter

Electric fat tire scooter Citycoco Scooter

Golf Scooter

2 wheel and 3 wheels electric golf scooter

Trike Scooter

Electric 3 wheels trike scooters

Delivery Scooter

Efleet Delivery Scooter Solution

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At Linkseride, we take pride in being a leading supplier catering primarily to electric moped scooter wholesale businesses and B2B distributors. Our commitment is to provide top-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

B2B Excellence: Our core focus lies in fostering strong partnerships with B2B distributors. If you are a wholesaler seeking reliable and high-quality products, you’re in the right place. We understand the unique demands of B2B transactions and are dedicated to delivering a seamless experience for our partners.

Individual Inquiries: For individual customers interested in purchasing our products, we encourage you to connect with our sales team. Simply reach out, and our team will guide you through the process. Whether you’re looking for product recommendations tailored to your region or seeking the nearest authorized distributor, we are here to make your buying experience convenient and efficient.

How to Contact Us: Feel free to contact our sales team directly at for personalized assistance. We appreciate your interest in Linkseride and look forward to serving your needs with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Thank you for choosing Linkseride – Where Quality Meets Reliability in B2B business.

Welcome to Our Linkseride Electric Scooter Supply Platform

We are a leading manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, electric three-wheelers scooter in China, dedicated to providing high-quality products and professional services to global distributors and importers. We focus on the B2B service, we are committed to establishing close partnerships with distributors.

Why Choose Us?

Factory Direct Supply: As a Chinese factory, we supply electric scooters directly from the source, ensuring competitiveness and manageable costs.

Professional Team: With our own CNC machining center and design team, we strive to provide customized solutions to meet various OEM requirements.


Global Collaboration: We work closely with distributors and importers, aiming to build long-term relationships and foster mutual business development.

Whether you are a distributor seeking high-quality electric two-wheelers or an importer in need of customized solutions, we can meet your requirements. Contact us and let’s build the future together!

Try contact us to get more information for our electric moped scooter and asure you a surprised happy success!

Take Your Ride to the Next Level


customized saddle bags to match your scooter color, storage enough for you to carry 2 more batteries to have longer range!


different handle bars available and passenger seat optional offers you more feeling like riding your Harley-davidson bike!


modify your M1P or M1 with back rack to carry your golf bag and enjoy the single rider joy in your golf court!


LinksEride is founded in China now also providing all kinds of electric vehicles for your daily use. We offering electric moped scooter, electric fat tire scooter, electric bike and more. 

We are a one-stop manufacturer of electric vehicles. As you can see, we have many hot-selling models here. Regarding the American market, we have fat tire electric scooter, big wheel scooter, single rider golf scooter as well as electric kick scooter of your choice. Regarding the European market, we also have over 10 EEC models of your choice.

Our factory has been rooted in the industry for over 10 years. We’re engaged in the R&D of new models aiming at different markets. We pay more attention to the satisfactory experience of our customers, on the other hand, we’d like to offer our customers strong technical support & suggestions on customized service.

Our engineer in LinksEride personally rides all models we have and can ensure quality, safety, value for money, and a lot of riding fun. It’s time to revolute the way you ride around the city and let’s join together to build a greener life!

Happy Customers

Links provide you multiple electric solutions from China for electric moped scooter. We have many valued cliens work togeher with us for years!

Whenever I need to launch a new produt, LinksEride will always online answering all my needs like 7/24. Thank you for helping me build up personal transport business. Good partner!

Sarah Jones

LinksEride team is professional and helpful. I like their electric moped scooter recommendation. Communication is on point with high quality control. Nice to cooperate with links guys.

Katie Worthy

I have been working with Links, and nothing but great and amazing work. I’ll continue working with them 🙂 They have good points for markert trends. good job!

Briana Luke

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We now have U.S. and Europe warehouses! Visit us in Chino, Dallas or Vegas to test ride our award-winning scooters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best fat tire scooter manufacturer?

There are a lot of fat tire scooter manufacturers in the world. Most of the suppliers are from China, not only the assembled scooter, but also the imported spare parts then assemble locally. The main goal of all these fat tire scooter manufacturers are to produce the best possible scooters with fat tires that people love and they can be called the best fat tire scooter manufacturers.

Among all of the scooters having fat tires, the best fat tire scooter manufacturer is the Linkseride.Best fat tire scooter manufacturer-Linkseride Linkseride is among those suppliers of scooters that have a flat tire that can be labeled as the best fat tire scooter manufacturers. They carry out both the research of the upcoming models and best fat tire scooters as well as they develop their own best fat tire scooters, fit for the road. So yes if you are searching for the best fat tire scooter supplier, then your search is over.

What type of solutions are provided by the best fat tire scooter manufacturer?

We as one of the best fat tire scooter manufacturers provided with extensive and variety of products. Our solutions mainly focus on the electric two wheeler vehicles for daily transportation as well as for fun. As the best fat tire scooter manufacturer, all of our products are of high quality and we have to make sure that we provide you with an eco-friendly product. Mainly our solutions include the electric mopeds, along with the electric kick scooters. 

The Citycoco scooters are also hot-sale series, and if you are a fan of Harley choppers but cannot afford the Harley Davidson for the moment then we as the best fat tire scooter manufacturer have covered that for you with our electric fat tire Harley choppers. Or if you are just do not want to move your heavy Harley Davidson from the garage for the today, this lighter 213lbs fat tire scooter will be your choice.

What are the fat tire scooters designed by the best fat tire scooter manufacturer?

The fat tire scooters or the scooters with fat tires made by the best fat tire scooter manufacturer are sorts of scooters that have different tire width. The normal scooters that we used to see on the roads were the ones that had standard tires. This was the normal way of making the scooters. But now a new model of scooters from this best fat tire scooter manufacturer has been gaining more and more popularity among the people. These scooters can be easily recognized by their fat tires.

For example, what Linkseride have from their US warehouse for the fat tire scooters, the tire size is: 165/45-12(front) and 215/40-12 (rear) for model M2 and M8 Café Cruiser.

Do you as the best fat tire scooter manufacturer provide customization options?

As one of the best fat tire scooter manufacturer, we have a lot of products in stock that you can choose from, our professionals can help you in choosing the best scooter for you from the best fat tire scooter manufacturers. Customization-Linkseride

But if you feel like we have missed something and you can’t find something according to your needs then you can select a model from our best fat tire scooter manufacturer list and then tell our team of best fat tire scooter manufacturers your customization requirements and our team from the best fat tire scooter manufacturer will fully customize that scooter for you and deliver it to you. 

Why there is a high demand for the scooters of the best fat tire scooter manufacturer?

There was a time when people used to have scooters. Children and teenagers ride them to their schools and adults use them for transportation means for their offices and work. But with time electric scooters came into being. And the scooters that are made by the best fat tire scooter manufacturer are somewhat gaining so much popularity. The high demand for these scooters is due to the fact that they provide comfort in many situations. They can handle bumps and potholes like a champ, big wheels act like a shock absorbent or a spring element. Fat tire scooter is superior on riding comfort. These scooters can also handle any terrain. Fat tire electric wheel scooter is available as summer, winter and all-season tires. high demand for the scooters-Linkseride

This scooter has a greater stability as wide tires have a much larger contact area on the road than standard tires, adult scooters are more stable especially when cornering

Does the best fat tire scooter manufacturer cover the American market?

We are the best fat tire scooter manufacturer from among the list of the few fat tire manufacturers that you can search online. And we have made sure that our products from the best fat tire scooter manufacturer are getting more and more good feedbacks from our fat tire scooter dealers

So as we know that the US market and audience is very fond of electric scooters and especially the fat tire scooters of the best fat tire scooter manufacturer, so we provide a variety of products suitable for the US market according to the needs of the people. We also have built our local warehouse in California and you could find all these test ride points here.

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