LEC-5.0 4000W Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle Harley Citycoco Scooter

● 4000w Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle Harley Certs: Road legal with EEC, COC & UN38.3 Certificate

● Complete with a silent, low maintenance belt drive system, the 4000W motor was crafted to provide blistering yet smooth power and maximum torque, providing the ride of a lifetime

● Ages: Adults | Max weight 165KG (364 lbs) | Max speed: 80 km/h (50Mph)

● Equipped with stunningly clear lighting for main and dipped headlights.

More about Product: LEC-5.0 4000W Fat Tire Electric Motorcycle Harley Citycoco Scooter

This legal 4000w fat tire electric motorcycle Harley has futuristic looks, latest technology. Supreme handling with performance to match. The latest electronic and battery technology coupled with an innovative frame and suspension design, give it a serious advantage in today’s electric motorcycle market. Lots of adjustments available to the rider, creating a truly bespoke experience. From anodized foot-pegs to adjustable mono-shock rear suspensions and fully personalized seat covers and materials, this model is crafted around you. Equipped with stunningly clear lighting for main and dipped headlights. Turn those late-night, moody rides into exhilarating explorations with the model 5.0.

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More introduction video you could find here: https://www.youtube.com/c/LinksErideTech

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm

Vehicle Dimensions

Dimension 1910x1160x865mm (LxWxH)
Vehicle Weight
Dashboard LCD
Suspension F & R hydraulic absorber
Brake F & R Disc Brake
Tyre front 17 inch, rear 13 inch

Power System

Motor 4000W brushless motor
Controller 67.2V, 10A discharge
Battery type removable Li-ion battery
Battery number 1set
Battery Capacity 60V 30Ah/50Ah
Charger input 110/220V, 50-60HZ
Charging time 8-10 hours

Main Performance

Climbing slop 30°
Max Speed 80 km/h (50mph)
Distance Range up to 80km (50 miles)
Loading weight 165kgs (364lbs)

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