LEC-12 Latest Model Storm Adults Electric Motorbike

● Adults electric motorbike with Front and Rear Disc brake supply strong, reliable stopping power

● Tires: Front: 110-70/17 vacuum tire, Rear: 140-60/16 vacuum tire

● Upgraded LCD dashboard. Your speed is displayed in digital numbers as well as an odometer letting you know how much millage your bike has

● Wide, thickly padded seat ensures incomparable rider and passenger comfort and style.

● Customization is available!

More about Product: LEC-12 Latest Model Storm Adults Electric Motorbike

Know more about LEC-12 Latest Model Storm Adults Electric Motorbike Motorcycle

If you are finding the riding fun of adults electric motorbike meanwhile need an electric eride solution, this classic model is a good choice for you. An improved front and Rear disc brake supply strong, reliable power for stopping instantly. With the wide, thick padded seat, riders and passengers can experience comfortable and stylish riding. Also you won’t get lost in dark nights since our large headlight and tail light maximizes nighttime visibility.

Racing Bike Appearance with Outstanding Stability

Smooth lines express the aesthetics of movement.  All our Storm adults electric motorbike passed 300 thousand times of vibration test, no deformation and no crack.

More Features about the adults electric motorbike Storm
  • car charing port can do 0-80% charging in 4 hours
  • brake system CBS/ABS optional
  • developed with QS motor
  • Evolt/A-class battery to keep safe
  • hydralic and nitrogen
  • TFT dipslay shows all the details
Adults Electric Motorbike Storm Specification
ModelStorm EStormStorm S
Top speed100km/h (62mph)120km/h (75mph)150km/h (93mph)
Max capacity3.6 kWh(72V52Ah)6.2 kWh(72V52Ah)7.2 kWh(72V102Ah)
City range120km (75miles)180km (112miles)200km (124miles)
Rated power3KW5KW8KW
ABSOptionalOptionalstandard configuration
Power pack warranty3 years/limited kms3 years/limited kms3 years/limited kms
Motorcycle warranty2 years2 years2 years

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More introduction video you could find here: https://www.youtube.com/c/LinksErideTech

Weight40 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 × 40 cm

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