Case Study: Linkseride Efleet Delivery Scooter Solution

electric delivery scooter pizza delivery moped


As time goes by, fast delivery are facing more and more demanding as the e-commence business grows. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic have made great changes to our lifestyle, takeaway orders are more frequently seeing in our daily life.

Linkseride continuously support the idea of “go green, go electric”. Today, we are working with different companies with our electric cargo delivery mopeds and scooters to help with the last mile fast food delivery, as well as the small package delivery.


The client is an old friend of Linkseride team. He approached Linkseride team and explain the requirement of this project. It’s about a food shop looking for cargo delivery scooters. They care more about the distance range the scooter can travel. But they are thinking about whether the electric version can truly replace the status of the traditional petrol scooter.


We offer 2-3 different models of delivery scooter as below to choose from. There are numerous varieties of models of cargo delivery scooter in the market with 2 wheels or 3 wheels. These are the most popular ones from the feedback of our clients.

Here’s why they finally choose this electric version scooters.

  • Convenient of charging. Charge anytimeanywhere during business. Removable li-ion battery for fast swappable if out of power.
  • Save on fuel and maintenance. Electric vehicles only requireslow maintenance which takes less time.
  • Clear and green energy to help protect the mother nature with zero emission.
  • Electric is definitely the leading choice of transportation vehicle. Plus there are many countries has the financial support with the electric vehicle project and the purchase.
  • Easy to control. Just twist and go. No complex control commands. Safe during riding.
  • Different cargo shapesand sizes to meet different budgets. For example cooler box with the single rider golf scooter, and incubators for winter meal delivery.

Apart from this, Linkseride e-Fleet offer a vehicle solution service. We can help with any project with customized logo and color of your scooter. It’s all available with our one stop fleet program. We can also offer solutions like below:

  • battery charging station for electric mopeds. Customized designed to meet the fast charging time requirement within 3-4 hours. This can ensure a stable batteries supply to keep your business operational 24/7.
  • GPS tracking offered. Linkseride have established a deep cooperation with our key controller supplier who offers top standard upgrade on GPS tracking system. We aim to provide the latest technology and improve the riding experience to our clients. No matter if you are using these electric scooters for rental or for pizza delivery, this tracking system can help you keep things under control.
  • Maintenance support. We have 3-5 engineers online to provide after-sales technical support. Linkseride engineer team are all with over 10 years’ experience of automatic vehicle technicians. We will also offer videos for maintenance solutions to train all the store front keeper or the users for routine maintenance.

Linkseride scooter are able to offer flexible rental, tour and maintenance support, providing a simple, convenience solution for your go green business.

  • Take away delivery companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Riding Schools
  • Tour and rental services

Electric two wheeled or three wheeled vehicles are a lot less expensive to run than petrol ones. It saves fuel, maintenance and downtime. Also all electric vehicle are silent so you can enjoy the freedom in the early morning without disturbing neighbors. As more government regulations are introduced to support electric transportation, opting for an electric future has become a more economical way to go.


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