Electric Touring Scooter

If you are looking for a fat tire e scooter with more power, faster speed, better accelerate, higher suspension level, then you search is over.

About Fat Tire Electric Touring Scooter

2 seater electric fat tire scooter helps you get mre fun during your touring drip. Take your friends or child out now!

” I like this fat tire e scooter so much the first time I tried.” said by Han our engineer and quality control manager. ” I’ve dedicated years of my life with my Harley Motorcycle but now since the restriction of the petrol motorcycle, I tried these facny Harley-style scooters and found its really nice experience as well as meeting my DIY enthusiasm.”

I know what you are thinking. I‘m addicted to the style and sound with my motorcycle. Well, once you do not want to move your heavy motorcycle from the garage, you get this electric fat scooter. And I guarantee once you try the electric scooter and you’ll agree it was worth the effort.

M1 Two Seat
Fat tire E Scooter

3 speed modes for riding. You determin the speed you want with you e-scooter. Best quality control for the 45degree front fork angle ensure you safe and stable when doing emergency brake.

fat tire e scooter
fat tire e scooter

CP-1.6 Double Seat Fat Tire Scooter

Bigger battery cage offers you the possibility to install with 30Ah or 40Ah battery. Saddle cases optional as well for this fat tire e scooter.

strong rear shock makes comfortable and safe under the desert or muddy terrain.


Most frequent questions and answers

The fat tire electric scooter is all-electric. it’s simple and easy to ride. Wide tire better helps you keep balance during riding. You just need to get used to turning the throttle getting the power and good to go!

Absolutely yes they are! These newly designed Fat Tire E Scooters will bring a wonderful journey to ride. Whether you are cruising through the city street or enjoy the sunshine by the beach, they are incredibly fun.

Our Fat Tire Scooters reach speeds up to 30mph as standard version with 2000W motor power. Higer speed can reach up to 45mph with 3000W motor. All our scooters have 3 speed modes so you can switch to control the speed as needed.

Most popular electric bike batteries capacity is 20Ah or 30Ah. With 5A charger, it takes 4 to 6 hours for fully charge from empty. All of our fat tire electric scooter are with removable li-ion battery so that you can sawp battery for your e scooter in 20 seconds.

  • Daily commute to work
  • Take your kids to school with extra seat
  • Explore the city, the countryside, forest, or beach
  • Business options: scooter tour, scooter rental and scooter retail business
  • DIY fun for electric version. For color, seats, handle bars and saddle cases as your Harley-Davidson scooter but with zer-emission.

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