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About Retro Electric Moped Business

Welcome to our Retro Electric Moped Business! As a dedicated professional factory, we take pride in being your reliable source for all things about retro electric scooters.

At our facility, we prioritize collaboration and are pleased to offer OEM services, allowing you to bring your unique design ideas and modifications to life.

Specializing in catering to wholesalers and distributors, we understand the importance of efficiency. With an ample inventory of spare parts, we ensure swift production and turnaround times. Join hands with us to experience the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern electric technology. Your journey into the world of retro electric moped begins here, where quality meets customization.

How We Manufacture The Retro Electric Moped

From the raw material inspection, preparation procedure, assembling and inspection, road test and final packing. 

Wholesale or Distributor Business?

Welcome to our Retro Electric Moped Wholesale and Distributor Business! As industry leaders, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for wholesalers and distributors seeking the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation.  Partnering with us means gaining access to a vast inventory, ensuring your business is well-stocked and ready to meet market demands. From seamless order fulfillment to dedicated support, we prioritize the success of our wholesale and distributor partners, making us your trusted destination for quality retro electric moped scooters that captivate both enthusiasts and consumers alike. Join us in revolutionizing the electric mobility landscape with style and substance.

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About Us

China leading retro electric moped manufacturer.

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

As the foremost authority in the realm of electric mobility, we proudly stand as the leading Retro Electric Moped Manufacturer in China.

Renowned for our unwavering commitment to innovation and design, we have seamlessly blended classic aesthetics with cutting-edge electric technology to create an impressive fleet of retro electric moped scooters. Models equipped with EEC COC certificate for road legal using.

Our manufacturing prowess is characterized by precision engineering, quality craftsmanship, and an unyielding dedication to excellence. With a legacy of setting industry standards, we consistently deliver products that redefine the riding experience.Choose us, and embark on a journey where every ride is a testament to our unparalleled expertise in retro electric moped scooter manufacturing.

retro electric moped

Why Buy from Links ERide?

Experienced Team

-Experienced sales team with over 10 years international trading experiences

-OEM/ODM service provided by professional engineer

-24/7 online service available

Superior Quality

-Strict quality control system

-12months warranty for products including controller, motor and battery

-LIFETIME technical support

DOT/EEC Certificated



-DOT proved for fat tire scooter series that come with MCO for registration.

The Poduction Process

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Raw material inspection

Quality products are contingent upon the use of superior raw materials, and our quality inspection team conducts thorough checks on raw material components to guarantee adherence to technical standards.

Preparation Procedure

During this stage, the production manager formulates a production plan for orders, organizing all required parts for the entire order and allocating them to each production line.

VIN number printing

Ensure the printing of a distinctive Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on each scooter frame, adhering to licensing requirements in various countries.


Upon completion of all preparations, online assembly commences, progressing from frame assembly to wheel mounting, and subsequently connecting the controller to essential electronic components and other required accessories.

Inspection (light-braking-test)

Both in-process and finished product quality inspections meticulously examine all components, encompassing the motor, battery, lights, horn, brakes, and more.

Road Test

We will conduct simulated tests under various riding conditions, including sudden braking, sharp corners, and climbs, individually road testing each fully assembled scooter.

Packaging and Loading

To maximize container capacity, we disassemble the front tires and front handlebars for packaging, utilizing 7 layers of cardboard boxes to ensure the scooters are well-protected from damage during transportation.


During this phase, we will handle all essential customs clearance procedures at the Chinese port and promptly notify you in advance once the shipment reaches the destination port.

we are good at what we do

quality control

To guarantee the capability of our retro electric moped scooters in navigating diverse scenarios, our quality control department replicates various riding conditions during inspections, assessing the performance on different road types to ensure the product not only meets but exceeds performance expectations. Each fully assembled retro electric moped undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure it is safe, stable, durable, and delivers on its promised performance.

The Whole Process For Wholesale Electric Moped

Acquiring our retro electric moped is a simple and seamless process—from negotiations to delivery, we ensure your order is delivered intact.

Step 1

Send an inquiry

First, initiate the process by sending us an inquiry email specifying the products of your interest and your collaboration intentions.

The Linkseride sales team will furnish a quotation sheet based on your requirements and present a concise project solution.

Step 3

Engage in price and term negotiations with our sales team to arrive at a solution that aligns with both your budget and quality requirements.

Step 4

Sample checking

During this phase, expedite the process of delivering the sample to you for quality and design verification.

Step 5

OEM details

Specify your OEM ideas related to electric scooters, and our team will provide the solution within one week.

Step 6


Upon your confirmation of the sample and OEM details, we will proceed to sign a contract, formalizing the business arrangement.

Step 7


Complete the production and quality checking phase in accordance with our standard electric scooter manufacturing procedure.

Step 8


Upon completion of the electric scooter, we ensure proper packaging and arrange for container delivery.

Step 9

After-sale service

Upon the arrival of the shipment at your warehouse, our team will reach out to provide ongoing technical support.


Most frequent questions and answers

A retro electric moped is a stylish and nostalgia-infused electric scooter that combines classic design elements with modern electric technology, offering a unique and environmentally friendly transportation solution.

Absolutely! Retro electric mopeds are designed for urban commuting, providing an eco-friendly and efficient means of transportation while adding a touch of vintage flair to your daily commute.

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for retro electric mopeds. You can often choose colors, accessories, and even add unique design elements to personalize your ride.

The range of retro electric mopeds varies, but many models are designed for short to medium-distance commuting. The range can be influenced by factors such as battery capacity, terrain, and riding conditions.

Maintenance for retro electric mopeds typically involves regular checks on the battery, tires, brakes, and electrical components. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine inspections and servicing will help ensure optimal performance. You could refer to our blog here for some maintainance information: Linkseride – Electric Scooter Maintenance

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