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Although fat tire electric scooters (e-scooters/fat scooters) do not have structures as complicated as automobiles, they require some routine maintenance to run smoothly. It is essential to do regular maintenance for your electric scooter to lower the risks of encountering major mechanical breakdowns and it can also improve your e-scooters’ work efficiency.

Just like anything with moving parts, it is important to check your fat tire electric scooter regularly to make sure it maintains performance as the mileage increases. Simple things, such as the reduction of the electric range and unstable operation.

Here are five tips to maintain your electric scooter so as to keep your electric fat tire scooter run reliably whenever you want to go for a ride.

  • Cleaning the scooter
  • How to Maintain Fat Tire Electric Scooter Tires
  • Important: Checking brakes
  • Checking cables and fasteners
  • Howto Maintain Electric Scooter battery

Cleaning the scooter

Firstly, spend some time to clean your electric scooter. Don’t put your scooter outside and rinse it with a water pipe. water will damage that Electricity part. To clean your scooter, wipe it with a wet rag. If you need a little more, you can use some almighty cleaner sprays. Try small amount but many times of detergent on the scooter and wipe it clean. Repeat as needed until the scooter is clean.

By this step, you could clean your scooter by not hurting your electronic components and batteries.

Checking electric scooter tires

Secondly, the essential step is to check your tire pressure regularly. Check with your supplier about the recommend tire pressure. Do not exceed the maximum number. No matter for a tubeless tire or a solid tire, check the situation of the tire, see the wear and tear level, get a replaced tire when when the tire tread is too low.

If your tire pressure is lower than recommended:

  • Thespeed will decrease
  • The higher risk of damaging the rims
  • The rolling resistanceis less
  • Thebattery lasting time is short
  • Thetire consumption is unstable

If your tire pressure is higher than recommended:

  • A flat tire occurs while you are riding
  • Riding will be very uncomfortable
  • Reduced safety of turning
  • Inconsistent tire cost

Take this opportunity to check the wear of the tires. If the tire has no pattern, it should be replaced.

Checking brakes

The brakes of fat tire electric scooter are very important to ensure the smooth and safe riding, so make sure take time to check whether they are operating normally.

During your riding, the performance of the brakes is the key point to your safety. Now most of our electric scooter are with disc brake system. So we need to check the brake pads situation. Slightly wear and tear will also affect the braking efficiency of your scooter during the riding, let alone when meeting the emergency occasion. So we suggest getting new brake pads when necessary to keep safety.

Check the brake pads when the scooter is new so that you can have a reference to know how much friction material they have to start with.

Daily inspections will ensure that you notice any problems before they become unsafe.

Checking cables and fasteners

Check all the fasteners to make sure they are not getting loose. You could use the tools from the package to finish this regular maintenance. Tightening the scooter is a simple and effective way to keep the e-scooter running safely. When you ride your fat tire electric scooter, the motor vibrates. These vibrations will loosen the screws over time. We recommend checking the screws every few months to make sure they are good and tight. For all our fat scooters, some common locations where you have to check the screws are the wheels, suspension, and handlebars.

Take a look at the wear and fastening of the cable housing and accessories. If you find any damage, please contact Linkseride team.

Special care for the battery

The battery is the most expensive element of an fat tire electric scooter and we need to know more about the Lithium batteries and their maintenance to avoid extra cost for replacements. Please carefully refer to the user manual provided by your supplier to prevent overcharging or overheating. If you are interested in a more detailed introduction for lithium battery maintenance, you could refer to our articl below.

6 Tips To Maintain Lithium-ion Battery of Electric Citycoco Scooter

For lithium batteries, please keep at least a certain amount of power, if these batteries lose power completely, it will cause irreparable damage.

Someone says, Most batteries will not die, they are murdered. It is not a joke, it is true in most cases. Here we have a separate article stating how to maintain your Li-ion battery to keep a longer lifetime.

 Do not do things list as below.


 -Discharge too far


 -Charge too fast

 Doing any of the above will reduce battery life, or even worse.

Keep in mind using the original charger for the battery pack in your scooter. And charge it before storing. Always keep your electric scooter with at least a little battery. Lithium batteries can be damaged if left unused for too long and cannot be recharged. When not in use, lithium batteries slowly discharge over time. They don’t self-discharge as fast as other battery chemistries, but they can still cause damage. If your scooter is out of commission due to a dead battery, you should charge it before storing it.

Heat can damage your scooter battery. When you finish riding your scooter, if the batteries are hot, let them cool down before charging.

If you have any more questions about maintaining a fat tire electric scooter? Contact Linkseride team today. Our experienced team will offer solutions to help keep your e-scooter running safely and efficiently.


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