Introducing Street Legal Electric Motorcycle Storm

street legal electric motorcycle

Introducing our latest street legal electric motorcycle  Storm, our latest high-end electric motorcycle model that targets middle and high-end consumers who are passionate about electric sports bikes. Our company invested two years and 1 million dollars to create a high-speed electric grinder that boasts a sleek appearance. Additionally, we hold exclusive rights to the motorcycle’s appearance.

The electric motorcycle Storm comes in three versions: 3000W, 5000W, and 8000W, with maximum speeds of 100km/h, 120km/h, and 150km/h, respectively. This 125cc-equivalent model. As the market for electric motorcycles continues to grow rapidly, especially in Europe, the Storm electric motorcycle is the latest entrant in the industry.

Here are some of the points that we stand out compare with the current bikes in the market:


  1. plastic parts:The overall plastic parts of Storm are strong and stable, and the workmanship is very good.
  2. Painting:Storm has 2 layers inside and 4 layers outside,totally 6 layers. It looks very metallic. Other ordinary electric motorcycles normally only spray the outside, but not the inside which is very plastic.
  3. Assembly:all the gaps are even and uniform, and the assembly is completed by our  masters with more than three years of industry experience, which reflects our company’s professional control of products and strict production management.

Body configuration

  1. Chassis:our chassis approves 300 thousand times of vibration test, no deformation and no crack.
  2. Lights:LED lights with E-mark certification.
  3. Instrument panel:TFT instrument panel, different from traditional LCD instrument panel, has unique advantages in brightness and viewing angle.
  4. Remote control:car-grade anti-theft, remote control, you can find your Storm within 50 meters outdoors.


Key electronic system

  1. Motor:We develop the motor with QS,the leading motor manufacturer in China (there is NEWBOT logo on the motor). All the parameters are real and valid, no d The service life is stable, and no overload operation.
  2. Controller:Nanjing Fardriver Motor with extremely stability,the top brand in China.
  3. Tires:Taiwan Kenda tires, semi-hot-melt tires, 17inches, comply with European environmental protection standards.
  4. Brake: Disc with Hydraulic piston calipers and CBS. For 3000W and 5000W, ABS is optional and for 8000W ,ABS is standard. When the speed is less than 100km/h, the braking distance is about 15m, and when the speed is higher than 100km/h, the braking distance is about 25m.
  5. Suspension:The front tire is hydraulic and the rear tire is nitrogen.
  6. Wire:Germany standard wires,safe and reliable.All wires are tidy arrayed, and use water-proof tape to seal all connectors.
  7. Battery:A-class large single square lithium battery.It adopts SVOLT electric vehicle grade A battery, which has manufacturing base in Berlin Germany. The battery performance is stable, and the remaining power is 80% after 1000 cycles. The warranty is 2 years without km limit. A large piece of cell is approximately equal to 30 pcs of cell 18650 (eighteen six fifty), the failure rate can be reduced by 30 times. Furthermore, the safety level is high.The battery is exothermic and explosion-proof, once the temperature rises, the fuse is blown. There will be spray to extinguish the fire, to prevent spontaneous combustion.
  8. Charger:10A for 3000W and 5000W, 18A quick car charger for 8000W. The motorcycle use 10A or 18A charger. less than 2 hours to 80%.

Our Quality Checking System:

  1. Raw material: This is the base of the whole production. Our QC people will check carefully for the incoming raw material. We will return back to the material supplier if it does not meet our standard.
  2. In-process checking:Workers will need to check during the assembly while we also have a responsible person to check the in-process quality. We have a individual bike there on-line to test all the electronic components.
  3. Finished product checking:Every finished bike will be checked again for the appearance, metal components and electronic components.
  4. Machine testing:After that, we will have machine test and test run at required speed for 20kilo meters.
  5. Road testing: The last step, road testing by our professional rider for

The electric vehicle market the growing and changing very fast. If you like our products and want to seek any possibility to work together, feel free to contact with our Linkseride team. Let’s discuss a solution to fit your market requirement together. Find us here.

See some video here:

street legal electric motorcycle

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