Which Electric Vehicle To Choose?

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Movement is life, and the presence of a personal electric vehicle makes it brighter and more vibrant. Every year the choice of electric vehicles becomes more diverse. We could easily get much information from online stores and offline shops. We are compare all kinds of electric vehicles which all claimed electric battery powered transportation.

What is better to drive?

What to use to move around the city and beyond – depends on the person’s preferences, the distance traveled and the conditions. Each type of electric transport has its own advantages and outperforms its competitors in certain conditions. For example, if you need to get to the nearest store or office, take the subway to the park, hang out with friends, and have fun, then a lightweight electric scooter or folding electric bike are the best choices.

Full-size of e-bikes, electric mopeds, scooters, and electric motorcycles are perfect for public roads and can reach your destination by express. If you need a vehicle with good off-road capabilities that can handle the trail, choose an electric fat bike.

It doesn’t have to be limited to one option. Many riders prefer to use an e-bike or other electric vehicle for their daily commute and a compact personal mobility device for outdoor activities. In this article, we’ll consider the features of the different types of vehicles in more detail.

Electric kick scooter

The kick scooter with electric motor and rechargeable batteries is a device for the soul. In terms of control, the electric skateboard is similar to a regular skateboard, but at the same time it allows you to accelerate to 10-25km/h or more, depending on the motor power engine. These electric kick scooter is usually light weight for like generally weigh between 5 and 10 kgs.

This low-wheeled models are designed for riding on flat surfaces, while the higher electric kick scooters allow you to ride even on different terrain. These devices have a range of 30 km per charge. The battery is 6amp to 16amp and need 3-4 hours charging time for its completely empty. Of course, you can ride an electric kick scooter without the help of a motor and just push it with your feet. But the speed will for sure be reduced.

Hoover board

Another popular recreational device-Hoover board for walks in the park and outdoor activities. It is also used for short trips: from home to the subway, from work to a cafe, etc. It is controlled by changing the center of gravity of the rider’s body. Just like an electric skateboard, it helps develop coordination of movement and maintains muscle tone. But if the battery is dead, riding a hoover board won’t work.

electric vehicle

Depending on the diameter of the wheels (from 6.5 to 10.5 inches), such devices are suitable for driving on flat surfaces or can overcome bumps in the road. The load capacity depends on the use of the model (adult or child) and can reach 150 kg. Most models can reach speeds of up to 15-16 km/h, travel 15-20 km on a single charge, and take 2-3 hours to charge.


This type of electric vehicle is different from the past in that it has a steering wheel or a shortened steering rack to control the knees and larger wheels – from 10.5 to 14 inches. Otherwise, they are similar. There are 2 wheels and a pedal platform with a gyroscope that automatically keeps the balance. Such devices typically reach speeds of up to 16-18 km/h, travel up to 20 km without charging and are fully charged in 3 hours.

Segways and mini-Segways (models with short handlebars) are popular with tour guides, mail carriers, golfers and portable electric vehicle enthusiasts. On such devices, it is easy to move over asphalt, soil, tile and other flat surfaces. The presence of large wheels allows riders on the Segway to confidently overcome bumps and small obstacles along the way.


Onewheel is an electronic board produced by the American company Future Motion.Onewheel can be thought of as an electric skateboard with wheels. Others compare Onewheel to a hoverboard because you control Onewheel by self-balancing. when you use Onewheel, you will immediately notice that the product is unique. There is nothing like Onewheel.

Onewheel relies entirely on body movement. onewheel users accelerate and brake by leaning forward and backward. With the right balance and movement, you will notice and can turn and steer easily. For many who drive Onewheel, it may be uncomfortable at first, but soon you will find yourself getting the hang of it. This is because of the advanced operating system. Riding Onewheel feels like surfing or skiing on the road. 

electric vehicle

Electric Scooter/Electric Moped

Using an electric scooter is simple and convenient, without the need to pedal the ground like on a regular scooter. The movement is performed thanks to the installed electric motor and the mileage time depends on the capacity of the battery.

On average, current electric scooters accelerate to 45-60 km/h, have a range of 0-70 km, and take 3-5 hours to charge. Perfect for outdoor activities, parks and sidewalk trips.

The passability of electric scooters and their possibilities of use depend directly on the size of the wheels:.

  1. 5″-7″ wheels are designed for light travel on flat surfaces.
  2. 8-9″ diameter wheels are equipped with urban models designed for daily travel on asphalt, tile and primer.
  3. All-wheel drive off-road electric scooters are equipped with 10-12″ wide wheels. They have deep tread tires, increased ground clearance and good cushioning. Suitable for city and country travel.

Electric bike

About the daily commuting equipment issue, many people prefer e-bikes.

There is a variety of different e-bikes, such as 12 to 16 inch folding e-bikes, full-size e-bikes, fat tire e-bikes and electric trikes.

There are 3 different ways of drive patterm for e-bikes, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and full wheel drive. About motors, there are hub motors and mid drive motors. There are plenty suitable ebike solutions for urban commuting, countryside riding, touring and extreme cross-country riding. Normally there are 3 riding models:

Fat Tire Electric Bike

  1. Throttle only, no pedal assist.The theory is based on scooters.
  2. PAS (Pedal assist system) only, no throttle engaged.The theory is based on traditionalbicycle.
  3. PAS + throttle integrated model.The pedal will initiate the motor and help the riders climb easily with long range distance.

Regular power of the motor is from 250 watt to maximum 4000 watt. Most motors’ speed is around 30 to 50 km/h. Ride range depends on the battery capacity and the riding condition. Normal range for one e-bike is around 25 to 70kms. Powerful electric bikes are regarded as electric mopeds and a driving licence is requested.

Electric mobility scooter

An electric mobility scooter is an electric vehicle and walker, equivalent to or assisted by an electric wheelchair, but configured like a motorcycle. When electrified, they are often referred to as electric vehicles/scooters, handicap scooters, or electric scooters, as well. Non-motorized mobility scooters are less common, but are designed for an estimated 60 percent of wheelchair users whose legs have at least some function.

Mobility scooters differ from electric wheelchairs in that they are generally cheaper, easier to transport, and easier to customize. These scooters are built for those who have difficulty walking or moving around but do not need a power wheelchair.

Electric on/off road motorcycleelectric chopper scooter electric scooter supplier

Spectacular transportation for adult and young motorcyclists, speed enthusiasts, outdoor activities and extreme sports fans. Electric motor bikes not only allow you to ride on the road, but also to perform jumps, stunts and drifts, ride off-road, overcome steep climbs and other obstacles along the way. With over 4000 W of power, the electric motorcycle provides excellent acceleration power.

Electric 4 wheelers ATVs

An environmentally friendly alternative to electric powered ATVs. Models for sale for children, youth and adult riders. They all feature a rugged and stable design, high off-road capability and maneuverability. Full-size models can reach a top speed of 60 km/h, allowing you to drive off-road and overcome obstacles on the road with confidence.


Our review presents the most common types of personal electric transportation. Among them are electric kick scooters, self-balance scooter, as well as various vehicles with seats: electric scooters/moped, electric bicycles, fat tire bikes, electric tricycles, and electric motorcycles. Each of them has its own different features and can apply to different conditions of using the means of transport.

Among personal electric transportation, e-bikes, e-scooters and mopeds are particularly popular, but other types of vehicles should not be ignored. In the category of recreation and entertainment equipment, hoover boards, mobility scooters, skateboards and mopeds are in high demand.

If you want to know more about models in the market, you could refer to our previous blogs or product category. Or hit us up by phone call or emails.


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