Case study: Single Rider Electric Golf Scooter Options

electric golf scooter


Our clients are big golf fans for many years and they use the traditional 4-wheelers golf carts for their business. This is the first time they start to import electric vehicles and electric golf scooters for their golf course. After testing 2 models of single-rider electric golf scooter, they think the 2-wheeler one works well but 3 wheeler one has some parts that need to improve. Here are what we have for the single rider electric golf scooter.


The original design of the trike golf scooter is pretty wide. The scooter has a solid axel at the back. It’s quite a bit wider and it’s the easiest one to ride. Check the back here. This is the solid axel design you see it’s quite a bit wider. Very stable design, but when riding on the hills, it is going to tilt with the hill. So as riding on the hill, the bike leans left or right. So the rider has to be careful just like a golf cart when you’re riding up and down the hills. Our clients want a vehicle that can go straight to the destination not a lot of side riding.


Then after discussing with our engineer, we’ve done an upgrade to the original electric three-wheel scooter. We changed the solid axel and then added a fully articulating back to it. So the scooter can lean left and right. Now that allows the rider to go over side hills, bumps, and everything without having to worry about it. Kind of the fun of a two-wheeler but the stability of a trike.

We also added a locking mechanism that keeps it from articulating. So the rider flips that down and now it’s free. And then just ride it like a normal two-wheeler. The rider just gonna hit the throttle on it and get their feet up. Then when you stop, just flick this lever back up and that’s it.


Linkseride team are welcome for all the different feedback and needs from our valued clients. We like to hear different voices and improve the products together with our clients. The electric revolution is still on and needs both parties’ ideas to make products better. We do not refuse innovation, we face difficulties and aim to solve them.

For more information on these two vehicles as well as our other products that we have available two wheelers, three wheelers, you can hit our website at, visit our Youtube channel for more product details or you can call us at 216-699-6465


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