Case study: why choose the electric fat tire scooter from Linkseride

One of the challenges of doing international trading business nowadays is the authenticity. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sellers and buyers can not meet, sea shipping price is sky-high. Because of the uncertainty, many distributors hesitate to make full inventory as the cash flow pressure. Now Linkseride offers you US and EU local warehouse stocks to solve all your concerns.


On April 17th, 2021, Linkseride website got an inquiry from a footer message asking for catalogue for products. And on June 1st,2021, the client get the order paid and get a good relationship till now. Also get a lot of good feedback towards the market, the products and Linkseride customer service. Even though, we still meet some challenges during this year’s cooperation.

Linkseride, aim to offer quality products as well as the best customer service during the international trading business. We truly believe that electric vehicles can reduce the harm of petrol emission to mother nature. Meanwhile, by offering high-quality products to the market, we can help both sides win profit during this cooperation. That’s the 2 main purposes of Linkseride company.


This client from the website is experienced in the rental and tour business with Harley-style fat tire electric scooters for many years. Their main business is scooters but likes to have a variety of new bikes. The owner of this shop is very smart with their business scope and plans and get a fast decision for every step. Which makes both of us work smoothly.


In the beginning, they are looking for a 40ft container of fat tire scooter to their warehouse from China with a variety of models he showed. But the Linkseride team finalize some of the fancy models from the client are just the Concept Models, so we offered what we have from the stock. The process is stuck till May 20th, 2021, for model selecting and some other issues. When we inform the client that our warehouse is ready in Las Vegas, the client is very interested in a test ride and get picked up from the local warehouse. On May 26th, 2021, the client flew to Vegas fat tire scooter US warehouse for a test ride from his city and then made the first payment on June 1st, 2021.

This cooperation goes smoothly towards the fat tire scooters. Everyone from his shop likes the new models from our electric fat tire scooter US warehouse and believe these new fat tire models will absolutely hit the market for the new year 2022.


“Part of selling the bikes is being able to work on them. needs parts that has been a major problem in the past with dealing with companies from China they’ll gladly sell their bikes but do not keep any parts in stock in the United States. It takes for ever to get parts if we ever even get parts that’s a major major problem maybe we should address that thank you”, said from the client.

The spare part is a challenge for the local service. The electric fat tire scooters are still a new product line to the market so there are not so many accessories that can be found from the local market. But preparing all the fat tire scooter spare parts to the US warehouse is also a big cash pressure to Linkseride. We are shipping more spare parts and accessories to the US but still, there are some missing.


However, with the help of DHL/FEDEX and some other international shipping agency, it has been easier for the Linkseride team to offer enough after-sale service, especially for the needed spare parts.

No matter if you are an end-user or a dealer, if you need the spare parts for your fat tire electric scooter, feel free to hit us up for anything needed. We are very confident with our service. If we have those in US stock, we will arrange shipping from the local fat tire scooter warehouse by ground shipping, if out of US stock, the China factory will always be in stock for all the spare parts, and we will ship out in 3days after the order confirmation.

See the good feedback from our clients here:


So why choose these fat tire electric scooter just from Linkseride team. Here’s the reason below:

  1. We are willing to start the business with small trial orders.
  2. EU and US warehouse base to support small businesses or start ups.
  3. No stubborn or stupid policy and everything could be discussed.
  4. Top nice and professional sales representative from linkseride team.
  5. Moderate price with low-risk level. (you could try a small order from the local warehouse and get experienced what I promised.)

Well, let’s explore how we can work together to help start a business as soon as possible? We could share some more stories and comments from our key clients for your reference.

Keep in touch? Email me now? Contact us for the latest list of the US & EU warehouse stock list.


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