Case Study: How Linkseride Support with Startups Business

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A European customer wants to set up a startup company with high-concept electric scooter products as its core. They pitch their ideas to a manufacturer alliance but were rejected by one after another-until reaching out to Linkseride Team. We finally make our dream come true with just a hand-painted product sketch from the beginning.


The product designed by the customer is an obvious innovation in enhancing the attributes of traditional electric scooters. Customers insist that the products need to have long-range, a modern sense of design, and advanced functions, such as real-time GPS tracking, battery capacity notification, anti-theft alarm, wireless charging, and telematics data collection. All product designs must be completed in a very short time to meet the launch schedule of the customer’s crowdfunding campaign-it is only 6 months away.


Linkseride is committed to fully realizing the customer’s concept, which has become the cornerstone of a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising more than 450,000 US dollars in less than a week. The success of the crowdfunding campaign has enabled our customers to attract more angel investment in 2021 and firmly place themselves in the super-growth stage of small businesses.


Linkseride team are responsible for the vision of our customers, internalizing the requirements of our products, and making it our personal mission to realize this kind of electric scooter. In addition to providing design and engineering solutions, we also provide customers with advice on optimization, large-scale production and international logistics fulfillment-these are all points that need to be considered to create a sustainable commercial enterprise. Our participation simplifies the manufacturing and logistics process, so our customers can focus on the development of the company.


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