Which is Better: Electric Scooter or Electric Bike?

electric bike

Popular electric transport like electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric mopeds with a motor is an eco-friendly, comfortable and financially profitable way to travel without traffic jams in the city.

Sometimes our clients ask us to convert a regular bike into an electric one, sometimes they order a new scooter assembly or a ready-made electric bike online or offline. But before you buy an electric bike or an electric scooter, you need to figure out which option is right for you? What are their advantages and disadvantages? This article will help you evaluate the differences and make the right choice.

Also, if you are considering whether to get an electric vehicle or stick to the traditional gas scooter, you could find our article here to get your answer.

electric bike

Similarities of electric scooters and bicycles

Let’s start the review with the characteristics common to both categories of electric vehicles:

  • The power reserve or range of movement is standard: it depends on the battery and is about 30-70 km.
  • Both options are goodin urban traffic, they can drive in places that are hard to reach for other vehicles. Do not experience problems with parking.
  • The load capacity is the same: on average, such a vehicle can withstand a weight of 100-150 kg.
  • Inexpensive service. The electric motor is refueled inexpensively, service and repair are also within the available amounts.

Still, there are more differences between these two categories of transport than there are common features. We will help you figure out, which is better for yourself, an electric bike or an electric scooter?

Advantages of an electric bike over a scooter

  1. Scooters must be registered with the traffic police, it is not necessary for electric bicycles of low power.
  2. To be a scooter driver, you need an license category. You can ride a bicycle without a license, but it is advisable in this case to have a document confirming the engine power lessthan 750 watts.
  3. If the battery is dead on the way and there is no way to recharge, then there are no problems for the bike, you just pedal, except that the bike itself is a little heavier than usual because of the battery. If the battery of the scooter runs out, you will have to push tofind the nearest place to charge.
  4. An electric bike weighs an average of 25 kg, the dimensions are like a regular one. This simplifies the transportation and storage. It is easier to lift it, for example, to the 5th floor than an electric scooter with a weight of about 90 kg and more massive dimensions.

Electric Mountain Bike

In other aspect, an electric scooter has better performance than an electric bike. Which type and model of transport to choose depends on your individual goals, preferences and resources.

How is an electric scooter better than a bicycle?

  1. The seat is lower than mostof an electric bike. It’s easier to get behind the wheel, you don’t have to throw your leg over the frame.
  2. The motor-wheel is more powerful, there are more opportunities to achieve speeds. If you preferto accelerate to 40-45 km/h or even higher, then a bicycle with its speed of 25-30 km/h will definitely be weaker in comparison with an electric scooter.
  3. More options with the storage space. You could have a rear box installed with lockand not worry that something will fall out of the trunk from driving on an imperfect road. With a bicycle, this will not work: you either have to take a backpack on your back with you, or figure out how to securely tie your things to an open flat trunk.
  4. If a bicycle with an electric motor is custom, reassembled on the basis of a conventional pedal bike, then the tightness of its electronics and connections loses as a scooter. That, in turn, has a waterproof one-piece case: initially, protection from moisture and dirt is provided by the functionality of the primary design.
  5. Owners of electric bicycles have to think separately about the issue of anti-theft protection of their expensive vehicle. Most electric scooters have a security alarm system already built into the package.

Comparison of the price for an electric bike and a scooter

The cost of the goods greatly determines the purchase decision, so when comparing electric scooters and electric bicycles, it is definitely worth highlighting the price factor.

  • Power up to 350 watts: the price tag of both categories of transport is approximately the same. Such models accelerate up to 30 km/h. If there is a steep hill on the way, you will have to help yourself with pedals (in the case of a scooter, roll it next to it).
  • 350-1200 W power: the comparison is complicated by a gap in the line of factory electric bicycles associated with legal restrictions on speed and power in Europe. So in this range, an electric scooter can only be compared with a custom niche electric bike, converted from a regular one in the workshop. On average, such homemade electric bikes are cheaper than factory scooters with an electric motor of equivalent power. Moreover, the bike will also benefit in speed, because its weight will be less.
  • Power 1500-5000 Watts: electric scooter is more profitable. A high-power motor wheel requires installation on a reinforced frame, and also has increased requirements for wheels, brakes, forks, chains and other bicycle accessories. All this adds up to a considerable sum.

Articles from our blog will help you make a choice — for example, the Top 5 best scooters in 2022. If you already have a rough idea of which configuration and type of transport suits you, choose models in the catalog according to the desired characteristics. Experts from the Linkseride team will always happy to offer support and  advise on the market trends if you are a business owner looking for new opportunities and help you make a decision that you will be satisfied with.


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