Which is Better: An Electric Scooter Or A Gas Scooter?

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Which is better, an electric scooter or a gasoline one? It depends on your expectations, destination and resources-we have made a comparison of the main parameters to simplify your choice.

Comparison of driving characteristics

The main parameter of the vehicle is, of course, engine power and speed performance. Different people have different needs. It may be important for someone to get to their destination quickly. It may be better for someone to drive quietly, but overcome long distances. Choosing a petrol scooter or an electric scooter depends on where you are going to go, how often, how far and how fast you need.

According to the technical parameters, the gasoline engine has more possibilities. The specific energy capacity of 1 liter of fuel is ten times higher than the energy reserve in an equivalent weight battery. Even taking into account the efficiency of a gasoline engine of 25% and the efficiency of a direct-drive hub motor wheel of over 90%, the ratio of calorific value per unit weight remains higher for gasoline engines.


Electric Scooter

Gas Scooter

Engine power

1000w-3000w, in terms of 1.35-4 horsepower.

from 2.5-3 to 10 horsepower


45-60 km/h(normally), there is an electronic speed limiter

45-140 km/h depending on the model


up to 75 kg; rarely reach 90 kg

starts from 85 kg and reaches 100-110 kg (considering models with equivalent power)

Another important characteristic in the context of an electric motor is the range of travel without additional recharging. For gasoline mopeds, this issue is not so relevant due to the large prevalence of gas station networks with free access to fuel of any quality and cost. The power reserve of electric bicycles, electric scooters, and other vehicles depends on the capacity of the battery, for a scooter it is on average 50-60 km, the maximum is about 80 km.

The maneuverability and cross-country ability of scooters with different types of engine is about the same. You will not need to stand idle for a grueling time in traffic jams or exhausting pedaling to get to the right point in the city or countryside.

  electric scooter

Advantages of a gasoline engine for scooters

Contrary to the traditional opinion, the gasoline-powered scooter models are also  progressive, economical, ergonomic and pleasant-to-use.

  • There are no problems with the power reserve. Fuel filling stations are almost everywhere, so even at distances over 50 km, a scooter user usually has no problems refueling on the way.
  • And although it is simple just to find a regular 220V outlet to charge electric scooters, it is not always possible to do this, for example, when traveling outside the city. In addition, you can fill the gasoline tank in a matter of minutes, but you will have to spend ten times more time to replenish the battery’s energy.
  • Engine power — we have already analyzed this aspect in detail above. Due to the higher power, there is also less demand for the road situation, the distance of trips, and the speed.
  • A gasoline scooter can be used at any time of the year. Electric vehicles cannot work in the cold, as the battery does not turn on at temperatures below zero. For the winter, an electric bike, scooter, scooter or bicycle will have to be hidden in the garage, storage room or on the balcony.

Advantages of electric scooters over conventional ones

Electric scooters are smaller in size, they are easier to park, you can even bring them into the entrance, office foyer. In an urban environment, there are no problems with charging: you can find a standard outlet in any cafe, if desired. And if the quality of gasoline is different, then mains power does not face such a problem. Let’s take a closer look at other advantages.

  1. Clear operation.

For a beginner without driving experience, it will be easier to control a scooter with an electric drive than with a gasoline one. Even if you overdo it and twist the throttle handle, there will be no sudden jerks in the movement of electric vehicles.

  1. Easy after-sale service

The design of a gasoline scooter is almost like that of a motorcycle: it has 5-10 times more parts that are subject to wear and breakage than its electric counterpart. A electric scooter construction is very simple and you just need to care about some main parts for the future maintenance. For details, you could refer to our blog here.

Linkseride – Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips

6 Tips To Maintain Lithium-ion Battery of Electric Citycoco Scooter

  1. Environmental friendly.

Electric scooters are harmless to the environment, they do not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere. A bonus is the absence of the smell of gasoline and diesel fuel, so that electric vehicles can be comfortably stored even in an apartment.

  1. Quiet move.

The electric motor works almost noiselessly, unlike a traditional roaring motor. You could drive in the early morning without disturb your neighbourhood.

  1. Economy

Electricity is cheaper than fuel. The most economical models consume 1.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km of travel, but even in this case, the cost of each kilometer is 10 times more expensive than on a trip on an electric scooter. If you also include savings on engine oil, filters and other consumables for internal combustion engines, the amount saved in the operation of electric transport will become even more impressive.

Which scooter to buy, petrol or electric?

Choosing an electric scooter or a gasoline one, evaluate the importance of all the above factors for yourself personally — and you will understand which option suits you more.

Gasoline transport is suitable for long distances and speeds. For a quiet movement around the city no more than 50-60 km per day, an electric scooter is quite suitable. Its characteristics are enough to go to work, to shop at the store or to the country house in the suburbs. If you are looking to start your electric scooter business and looking for a electric scooter supplier, you could find our electric scooter models here.

Find the right model from our website, or contact us to discuss with us for your business plans with Electric Vehicles. Talk to you soon.

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