How To Choose An Electric Tricycle For The Elderly?

electric tricycle

As you get older, you accumulate not only life experience but also health problems. But this is no reason to sit at home and sigh, remembering the years of past youth. Let’s be active and happy at any age! The main thing is to think positively, take care of the health, and, if possible, strengthen it. Everyone knows that movement is life. But it is important not to overdo it, and not to overload the body with more than is useful to it.

An electric tricycle for the elderly is not just a vehicle for pleasure rides and out-of-town trips, it is also a great purchase for maintaining an active lifestyle and vigorous well-being, improving health and enjoying the bright colors of life. Electric tricycles are safe and easy to control, have a stable design and comfortable fit. They are versatile and ideal for the elderly, disabled and rehabilitating patients.

Meet the electric tricycle

An electric tricycle is a tricycle or electric scooter. To ride such a vehicle, you do not need to put in much effort. The three-wheeled design is as stable and comfortable as possible, the control steps are very simple, the electric motor does all the power work, and the battery provides it with autonomous power. The rider only needs to check the remaining battery and charge the battery on time before your next trip.

The design of electric tricycles is great for older drivers and people with disabilities. In addition to 3 wheels, this type of vehicle is characterized by:

  • low seating;
  • a solid carrying capacity;
  • comfortable seat with height adjustment;
  • adjustable handlebar position;
  • simple controls;
  • reverse gear;
  • LED lights for safe travel in the dark and at dusk;
  • equipped with a basket or a trunk for transporting food or other goods;
  • rated power, designed for safe driving in the city.

Advantages of electric tricycles

When choosing transport vehicles for the elderly, reliability, ease of operation, comfort and safety of travel come to the fore. Three-wheeled electric bikes and electric scooters optimally combine these parameters. They allow you to walk around, go shopping, do household chores, walk pets, meet with friends, be socially active and do business without physical overload.electric tricycle

People who are older especially choose electric tricycles for their:

  1. Mobility. With this transportation comes more options on how to spend the day, and how to make it more interesting and memorable.
  2. No noise or harmful emissions when riding. You can ride on such transport even in protected natural areas – without harm to birds, animals and the environment in general.
  3. Adaptability. Depending on the well-being of a person and medical restrictions, such transport can be ridden on electric traction or on a hybrid drive, combining the rotation of pedals and the work of the motor.
  4. Practicality and freedom of movement. Electric tricycle – a good alternative to the car or public transport. To be sure of this, it is enough to rent an electric tricycle for a couple of days. With this bike, you can not only do a lot of things but also greatly diversify life, making it more bright and saturated.
  5. Possibility to carry luggage. In the basket and trunk of a tricycle, you can transport crops, products, things, bags from supermarkets and other cargoes.

Types of electric tricycles

The choice of electric tricycles is quite wide. There are models of different configurations on sale, differing in design features and technical characteristics. First of all, electric tricycles are divided into 3 large groups: tricycles, kick scooters and scooters. The choice between them depends on the preferences of the buyer and the features of the future use of the vehicle.

electric tricycle

Three-wheeled electric bicycles

E-bikes on 3 wheels are great for quiet, measured rides. They allow you to ride on electric or hybrid drive – in “motor + pedal” mode. This allows a person to properly dose physical exercise and keep yourself toned without overexertion. Unlike two-wheeled electric bikes, three-wheeled models are more stable and adapted for cargo transportation.

Such transport is relevant not only for elderly, It is often used by couriers, letter carriers, handouts advertising products, employees repair services, farmers, fishermen and gardeners. Tricycles are increasingly common on the streets of cities and suburban villages. The owners of such transport can easily cover significant distances and successfully solve everyday tasks – from grocery trips to the implementation of business projects.

Depending on the frame design, tricycles can be solid or folding:

  1. One-piece models are more rugged in terms of loads, reliable in operation and durable.
  2. Folding electric tricycles for the elderly are good because they are easier to transport in public transport or the trunk of the car. And when stored, such models are more compact.

The choice between a solid or folding frame depends on the purpose of the model. For example, for the owner of a private home, who does not plan to transport his electric tricycle in the trunk or public transport, it is more rational to buy a bike with a solid frame.

Three-wheeled electric kick scooters

Unlike bicycles, tricycles scooters have smaller wheels with wider tires and a special foot platform. The scooter has no pedals, so it is driven only by electric propulsion. Tires are often used with off-road tread, so you can ride not only on asphalt and dirt, but also on light off-road.

The motor is usually set powerful, about 1500 watts, with good traction characteristics to confidently overcome even steep and protracted climbs. Riding on such transport is easy and comfortable, even with excess weight and limited physical abilities of the rider. Like bicycles, 3-wheeled scooters are considered a universal transport for the city and country houses, everyday trips and exciting travels.

three wheel scooter electric trycicle

Three-wheeled electric scooters

If an older person prefers to ride a scooter, a stable 3-wheeled model with an electric motor, a wide deck, and a comfortable seat is the right choice. Walking on such transport will be safer and more comfortable than on a 2-wheeled scooter, and the presence of a seat will allow to be less tired during the trip.

Compared to scooters and bicycles, scooters are more compact and maneuverable. They are great for moving around town and walks in the park. For transporting small loads, such transport can be equipped with a bag, basket, or case.

What model to choose?

When choosing electric tricycles for older people, it is worth considering:

  1. A person’s preferences. It is important to understand what kind of transport will bring him more joy and benefit.
  2. His physical abilities – whether it is useful for him to pedal, or it is better to entrust all the work to the electric motor, what landing for him will be more comfortable.
  3. Operating conditions. Before buying, it is important to find out for what purposes the tricycle will be used. From this depends on what its load capacity should be, the type of frame (solid or folding), tire relief (universal or off-road), motor power, battery capacity, luggage capacity and other parameters.

A good selection of electric tricycles is presented in the Linkseride catalog. Write, call, and we will advise you on your questions. Even if from our website does not have a 100% suitable vehicle for you, we can do OEM for you.

Our prices are always moderate and the quality of assembly and components is maintained at a consistently high level. We love creating cool personal electric vehicles and will be happy to assemble the right model you want!


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