Electric Scooter Repair: A Few Minutes to Repair the Electric Scooter Shock From Leaking Oil

electric scooter repair

After riding the electric scooter for a few years, for various reasons, it was found that there is a side of the shock which is very dirty, rusty layer of black. which is the shock oil leakage to dirt adsorbed in the shock next to. This is the shock absorption oil leakage, which absorbs dirt on the shock absorption.

Seeing that some scooter owners are very worried about oil leakage from shock absorption, what should I do if it is not good for riding safety or shock absorption like one side? Do I have to replace the shock absorption?

If you encounter this situation, teach everyone that it can be repaired at home for a simple few money. How to do it then? Let’s take a look together next.

01 What are the phenomena of oil leakage in the front shock absorption of electric vehicles?

First of all, you will see that the side of the front bumper was dark and dirty. When one person rides a bike, he doesn’t feel much of a problem. When there are two or more people riding together, they will feel the shock absorption effect is not so good. and there is the phenomenon of grinding tires and mud tiles. This situation is very annoying.

Some scooter owners come to us and ask us what to do. Do they need to replace the shock absorption? What other phenomena will occur if you continue to ride?

We can reply that oil spill can be repaired for sure. If it continues, one side of the tire will be worn very badly, and the tire will need to be changed frequently. Some will tilt to one side, always feeling slant during riding. When encounter uneven road, the shock absorption acts very poor, very bumpy or directly can be pressed to the end with the sound of friction.

electric scooter repair

02 Can the leak of front shock absorber oil of the electric vehicle be repaired?

Yes, normally we have 2 solutions as below.

No.1 change the shock absorber

In this way, the cost will be a bit higher to change. When you change the front shock, make sure it matches the disc brake system. But in this way, it’s safer and can last longer.

No.2 change the oil seal

This is a bit complex to operate, and some repair shops even can’t finish it. But you can also add hydraulic oil yourself and saving money. It’s very simple. As long as you master these skills, you can add it at home. In this way, the shock absorption balance on both sides, so that the shock absorption effect will be good and can be used for a period of time.

electric scooter repair

03 Methods for dealing with oil spills in the front shock absorption

First step, completely remove the front wheel, remove the bottom screw of the shock absorber. Replace the shock absorber oil seal. If it is the side of the disc brake system, you must remove the two screws that fix the disc brake and remove the disc brake device.

The second step is to loosen the hexagon socket screws at the bottom of the shock absorber. When screwing the bottom, there must be a point of attention, and put the fixed shaft on, so that it is more convenient to remove the bottom screw. At this time, the screws are directly loosened with the hexagon socket, and the shock absorber cylinder below is directly removed.

electric scooter repair

What should I do if I encounter some oil spills and the hexagon socket screws keep turning for a long time and cannot be disassembled? At this time, it is necessary to loosen the screws that fix the shock absorption of the two front forks and take off the shock absorption. If we can’t take it off, we can use a flat-nose screwdriver to knock it a little bit, and it can be easily taken off.

Next, we must remove the large fixing screw at the top of the shock absorber that has been removed, remove the spring inside, use a long flat screwdriver to cut it and get stuck inside, and then use the inner hexagonal to remove the screws below. Remove the screws, and when you remove them, you will find that the bottom will not rotate.This method can also be used in the shock absorption disassembly method of motorcycles. Use this method to withstand the shock absorption core inside, and remove the screws at the bottom without spinning, and it can be easily removed.

electric scooter repair

Remove the shock absorber rod inside and start to remove the oil seal. The first step is to pry off the dust cover with a flat-nose screwdriver, then use a small flat-nose screwdriver to take out the circlip inside, and then use a crowbar to pry the oil seal inside. The oil seal is sometimes very tight, and it is difficult to take it out. You need to use a slotted screwdriver or a tilting bar to pry it out with a gentle and even force.

When the oil seal is taken off, it is necessary to identify what size it is. Usually this kind of thick tube oil seal for electric motorcycles is three-one or four-three. When installing the oil seal, be sure to clean the outer cylinder, inner cylinder and rod. It is not possible to wipe the inner cylinder. Clean it with a cleaning agent, and clean up all the rusty and dirty parts of the oil seal, so that it will take longer to install.

electric scooter repair

Next, install the oil seal. When installing, the one with the word is facing up and the other side is facing down. Install the new oil seal under it, and the old oil seal is padded on it. Gently hit it with a small hammer and press it into place. Just balance the old oil seal and the oil cylinder above. Wipe the circlip clean and install it, then press the dust cover to clean up the dirt from the cover, and you can install it with a few taps.

This allows you to install a shockproof cylinder. Before installing the shockproof barrel, wipe the shockproof rod clean, and check if there is a card table on it. If you find a card table, you have to polish it flat, and then wipe the shock absorber core clean. Wipe the spring of the shock absorber core clean and put it on it.Then press the shock absorber core into the shock absorber rod, then press the shock absorber rod into the shock absorber cylinder, and then press the long spring inside.Next, start to put up the fixing screw at the bottom. When the fixing screw is on, there is a gasket on it. Be sure to line it.

electric scooter repair

The gasket on this fixed screw is also very important. If it leaks and is not closed, there will be oil leakage in the future. After fixing it, then put the long spring on it in, without screws. Pour the shock-absorbing oil in a ratio of about 100 ml. Like a small bottle of shock-absorbing oil, it is generally 150~160 ml, and only 100 ml can be used. The shock absorption oil for motorcycles is 160 ml, for electric vehicles and motorcycles, 100 ml, and 80 ml if the shock absorption is thinner.

After adding the oil, tighten the large screws fixed on it.Then install the installed shock absorber on the front fork, tighten the two fixing screws, and then install the front wheel. At this time, the oil seal replacement of the scooter is completed. According to common sense, it is best to replace the oil content of the left and right shock absorbers so that they are all new and not easily damaged. The added oil is the same, and the strength is the same, so it will take longer to use. 

electric scooter repair

Precautions for installing the front wheels.

Start installing the front wheels after the shock absorption is fixed. There are different bushings between the front wheels and the shock absorption. Remember the position when disassembling, so that the disc brake pads will not rub and rotate easily.At this time, the belt sets the lower pump on the disc brake disc, and the two screws are fixed to complete the installation.

Okay, today I shared how to repair the front shock absorber of an electric vehicle. If you encounter an electric vehicle in the future, the front shock absorber of a motorcycle leaks oil, don’t worry about replacing the shock absorber. Just replace the oil seal with this method. This oil seal can be bought anywhere with little cost. As long as you find these tools, you can easily replace it at home. Any other problems with the electric scooter repair, please feel free to contact Linkseride team.


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