Linkseride Big Tire Scooter Review: ETWISTER M2 Scooter

big tire scooter M2

Here’s an overview of the electric big tire scooter M2 Etwister.

This is an electric big tire scooter series, which we will call it Harley-shaped electric scooter. Also, someone will call it Citycoco chopper scooter. Today’s model is ETWISTER M2 fat scooter.

big tire scooter M2 scooter

Still it’s an electric scooter so it’s very simple and easy to understand and operate. Why we call it Harley-shaped electric scooter? Because the design of the shape especially for the handlebar. We used standard mini ape hangers handlebar style. The front face attracts the most from our clients.

Ok let me show you more details about this big tire scooter.

First, let’s start with the header. It’s very simple to understand. For the left handlebar, there are four buttons here. The first is flashers emergency button, second is high-bean and dipped-bean, third one is steering light button and the last one is horn button. The cellphone case is attached with all our models. On the right handle bar, there’s the keyhole for you to put in your keys and start your engine. Red button for you to change the mode. 3 modes for big tire scooter M2 which indicates different speed. The right-side throttle to control your bike.

big tire scooter header M2

The LCD display is clear to show all the information during your riding. You could see the speed, range, throttle gear level, and more.

big tire scooter display M2

Let’s come down to see the front tire here. It’s a 12” size tire (165/45-12). as you can see we use high-quality disc brake system and with bigger size for the caliper so that you don’t need to worry about the safety during your riding.

The battery cage is designed for a bigger capacity. We offer 20Ah to 40Ah capacity. The 40Ah battery can lead you about 70miles per charge. The battery is easy to take out and charge indoors. You just need to open the battery cage, unplug the battery and take it out. The weight of the 20Ah battery is about 18pounds. It’s easy to carry. And good for your working out.

big tire scooter battery      big tire scooter battery

Then check the rear part. The stong rear shock. And the rear hub motor, we use QS hub motor. This M2 model, we offer 2000w and 3000w motor option.

big tire scooter rear shock      big tire scooter rear shock

For the brake system, we use hydraulic display system. You could see the hydraulic oil beside the buttons on each side.

More about the keys. We have 4 keys for different functions. 1. triangle shape, 2 square shape, 3. oval shape and a key FOB.

  1. The triangle shape keys is used to start your scooter. Clockwise to start, easy as all the other electric scooters.
  2. The square shape keys are used to lock the handlebar.
  3. The Oval shape keys are used to open the battery cage.

Some other features like the kickstand. It has the power cut off function so if you lay down the kick stand, the motor power will be cut off. Foot peg for your passenger. Bigger and wider seat for you to carry your child or your friend with you for the journey.

Here’s the all the features for the big tire scooter ETISTER M2 stock in US warehouse.



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