How to Assemble the Fat Tire Scooter from Package

A brief guide of installation steps for the electric fat tire scooter when you get your package

The electric fat tire scooter, aka electric chopper scooter or Citycoco scooter, now has become a super fancy way for the electric scooter riders.

Today, we will show you the M1P electric fat tire scooter assembly processing after receiving the package. You will find it a ton of fun after you easily get all the accessories assembled and lean into the seat.

Step 1: lay out all the accessories

Here are all the accessories included.

  • Charger
  • Tool Kits
  • Reflective Stripe x2
  • Phone holder
  • Manual
  • Mirror x2
  • Front tire

Step 2: Install the front tire

Use the wrench to loosen the screws on the front fork.

Then, you take out the stator from the front brake caliper. Note: Adjust the screw of the caliper if you find the wheel too difficult to get inserted into the disc brake.

Then, you move out the center roller of the front fork. Note: Get the longer bolt installed on the brake rotor side, and get the shorter one installed the other side.

Then, get the front tire settled into the front fork.

Make sure the brake rotor is into the front brake caliper. Fix the center roller and of course tighten the screws.

Step 3: Install the front fender

Find the corresponding hole site for the fender and then screw it in.

Step 4: Install the handlebar

Loosen the screws, place the handlebar in and tighten the screws. Note: Do not extremely tighten the screws until you finally adjust the handlebar to your favorite comfortable angle.

Step 5: Stick the stripes

Tear off the protective paper and stick to the correct position.

Step 6: Install the mirrors

Easily screw in the right position for the mirrors.

Step 7: Install the phone holder

Get the holder clipped in the handlebar and get screws tighten. Note: Do not forget connect the cable of the holder to the corresponding port for USB charger.

Step 8: Power on

Find the key to open the battery cover on the foot peg. Connect the battery port then use the key to power on.

Step 9: Functioning Check

Check all the data on the display and make sure every button or switch is functioning normally.

After all the stuff get well assembled, let’s cruise around and have fun!  🙂


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