How to Add Battery Bracket to Electric Scooter Side Trunk

electric scooter spare parts

As you may know, we have a pair of saddle trunk which is the best sale items from all our fat tire electric scooter accessories. These hard case can add the storage space for you to carry your extra clothing and basic supplies during your riding. Last time we share with you how to install the saddle trunk to your M1P model.(same steps for the M8 model). In this article, we will show you how to add the battery bracket in your saddle trunk so that you can easily take 1-2 more batteries together with you.

Step 1: check the accessories needed for this customization.

2 x metal bracket

2 x elastic fixing bandage

4 x EVA foam

And get your drill tool for the DIY

electric scooter side trunk

Step 2: take off the leather cover and loosen the 32 screws, install the bracket

The leather cover is the standard part inside the trunk, take off the cover then you’ll clearly see the inner construction. Use your tool to loosen the 32 screws total. Then find the metal bracket, and use the original screw points to install it.

electric scooter side trunk

When you install the bracket, you only need to fix the 3 screws on the top and 4 at the bottom. Same step to add the bracket on the left and right part.

electric scooter     electric scooter

Step 3: adding 4pcs of EVA foam to protect your battery from shaking in the trunk

Stick the EVA foam as below instruction on the bracket.

electric scooter

Step 4: put in your battery(M1P battery) and fix with elastic bandages

Then you could put your battery inside the trunk and connecting both elastic bandages from top to bottom. In this case, you could make sure your battery are safe during your driving when you enjoy the electric fat tire scooters with you.

electric scooter spare parts

If you are still not familiar with this saddle trunk, you could find product details here from our website, and installation steps from youtube channel or our blogs.

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Thanks for reading and happy riding.


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