Fat Scooter M8 chopper scooter Café Cruiser

China electric scooter fat scooter M8 chopper scooter

An introduction of fat scooter model M8 Cafe Cruiser

Key Features

  • 2000w-3000w Motor
  • 35-45 mph
  • Soft-tail suspension
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Front and rear lights
  • Alarm system

Linkseride Fat scooter M8 Café Cruiser is just as powerful as our chopper 2.0 with a slightly different body frame. With more of a European sleekness that handles more like a bicycle with the mobility of a motorcycle. The Café Cruiser will definitely give you the attention you are looking for!

Fat scooter M8 Café Cruiser is also a Harley shaped electric scooter citycoco. This introduction will be divided into three parts:

  • Usage of the keys
  • Battery information
  • Customization and DIY ideas
  • US warehouse stocks
  • Unboxing and assembling

Uesage of the keys of the Fat scooter M8

we’ve got a key FOB here and with buttons, lock, unlock, and remote start button. The triangle key is used to start the engine. The square key is used to lock the handlebar to offer a double anti-theft security. The smallest key is used for the battery cage.

Battery information

For this M8 fat scooter Café Cruiser, we provide battery capacity of 60v20Ah and 60v30Ah to meet your needs.

Follow the steps below if you want to take out the battery and charge indoors

First step: open the door on the left side and unplg the battery

fat scooter linkseride m8 scooter    m8 fat scooter citycoco

Second step: use the smallest key to open the battery cage

fat scooter m8 citycoco    m8 fat scooter citycoco

Third step: twist to loosen the screw

m8 fat scooter chopper

Fourth step: take out the battery on the right side

m8 fat scooter citycoco


Customization and DIY ideas for fat scooter Citycoco:

Glad we get so many feedbacks from the market and our valued clients. We’ve got so many DIY ideas and will prepare more for you to customize your own scooter.

Here are what we have for you:

A. Handlebar, we have below different handle bars to do the customizationchopper scooter m8 fat scooter  m8 fat scooter citycoco  fat scooter m8

  • Standard mini ape hangers handlebar
  • Fused handlebar also called riser bar
  • Motorcycle handlebar T-bars handlebar
  • Drag bars handlebar

B. Tire, 12in is our standard tire and we also offer 16in, and off-road tire for customization.

fat scooter citycoco m8  chopper scooter m8

C. Other fat tire scooter accessories to make it more like a Harley-scooter. Scooter mirrors, fenders and front cover. Also with saddle trunk to increase the storage space.

fat scooter diy  fat scooter


Fat Scooter US warehouse in stock: 2000w motor with 60v30Ah battery


60v/30ah Lithium Battery (1800wh)


30+ miles (depends on weight & terrain)


67.2v-4a quick charger

Charging time

Fully charged within


60v/55a integrated controller


3 level gear throttle


2000w Brushless DC geared motor with 124nm Max motor torque, up to 45-50mph Max speed. Motor Brand : QS Motor.


Front: Oversized Headlight with turn Lights
Rear: Integrated tail-lights on fender with brake lights & direction indicator.


Motor-style LCD with charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, Throttle gear indicator and more.


Electric Cut off when Kickstand is down


Unboxing and assembling

You could find a full instruction unbox assembling video from our Youtube video.

fat scooter unbox

These are the accessories list, make sure if you don’t miss any below accessories

  • 1x front wheel
  • 1 pair of mirrors
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x tool kit (2pcs wrench, 2pcs hexagon wrench)
  • 2 x reflective stripes
  • 1 x phone holder
  • 1 x charger
  1. install the front tire
  2. install the front fender
  3. Install and adjust the handlebar
  4. Install the display
  5. Install the cellphone holder
  6. Install the mirror
  7. Plug the battery
  8. Twist and go

Linkseride is a China based company. We offers different models ranging from electric scooters, fat scooter, fat tire golf scooters, Citycoco e-bikes and more. We are experienced in working with electric scooter wholesalers for over 8 eight years. Now because of the affect of the COVID-19, as well as the changing of the international business, we expand our warehouses and products to abroad. Netherlands warehouse and California warehouses have been serving local business faster and easier since year 2020.

We can work together in this electrify revolution aiming to reduce the carbon emission by promoting our electric fat tire scooters. Let go green go electric!

More inquiry for Citycoco scooter wholesale or dealership, you could reach us here!



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