Fat Tire Electric Scooter M1P Chopper 2.0 review

fat tire electric scooter M1P chopper 2.0

Today’s model is about the Fat tire electric scooter EMARS M1P from Linkseride, we also called M1P Chopper 2.0, which is an update of the previous M1 chopper 1.0 model.

The design of the M1P fat tire scooter is with a 20th century design. This retro shaped scooter has a powerful electric motor engine can lead you a maximum speed of 37mph in a few seconds. Our rated power 2000w or 3000w QS hub motor is enough for you to climb a 30 degrees slop. The 30Ah large battery capacity can take you to more than 50miles per charge. Making sure you have a enjoyable journey. What if you ran out the battery? You could also charge your battery in 4-6 hours. Very convenient.

This battery has a life span of more than 5 years and is very safe and stable. The front and rear hydraulic 4-piston calipers can easily provide a huge braking force.

Ride on the M1P chopper 2.0, you’ll get a lot of turn heads when you ride this on road! Our fat tire electric scooters are the perfect form of alternative transportation: fast, fun, and eco-friendly!

Linkseride M1P electric fat tire scooter chopper 2.0 tech specs:

Key Features:

  • 2000w Motor
  • 45-50 mph
  • Soft-tail suspension
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Front and rear lights
  • Alarm system


Designing and build



2000-3000W Brushless Rear Hub Motor

2000W Rear Motor, can reach 37MPH within 5seconds. M1P chopper 2.0 is equipped with a 2000W QS motor, which can accelerate to a maximum speed of 37MPH in a few seconds. It is also equipped with dual hydraulic brakes, front and rear four-piston calipers, and ventilated brake discs, allowing you to drive with passion while ensuring safety.


30AH Lithium Battery

30ah lithium battery. 4-6 h full charging time. Removable and easy carried battery bag.

Use the 60V/30AH battery. Provides a travel mileage of 50 miles. It only takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery. Cooperate with the controller with the highest output current up to 55A.fat tire electric scooterfat tire electric scooter

 Braking system

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Front and rear hydraulic brake discs. You can clearly see the hydraulic oil, and change it in time to maintain good braking force after the brake oil becomes muddy.


12” tubeless Tires

The ultra-thick 12-inch tubeless tyre prevents punctures and absorbs most of the vibration during riding, providing excellent comfort.

Linkseride M1P chopper 2.0 has a large leather seat, while also being able to adjust the sitting posture of the seat. The design of the front and rear double shock absorbers with vacuum tires absorbs 80% of road vibration. M1P chopper 2.0 brings you a comfortable riding experience.


To start your bike, use the keys and find the keyhole beside the LCD display. You could clearly get the needed information during the riding for speed, range, gear lever and more.fat tire electric scooter M1P display


For the keys, different keys are used for different locks. For handlebar lock, for scooter engine lock and for the battery cage lock. Also there’s a key FOB with electric remote control buttons for lock, unlock and anti-theft button.


The price from Linkseride US warehouse for fat tire M1P chopper 2.0 is $2,499USD free shipping to door. If you are looking for dealership cooperation, contact our sales team for more information: info@linkseride.com


When you get the package, it’s 95% assembled but you still need to do some installation steps when you get it. Especially for the front tire. Here’s the instruction video for you to follow about the installation.

Other features

We’ve got the coolest saddle case for both sides.

Very convenient installation steps.

Extra saddle cases available for you to carry two more batteries with your journey. fat tire electric scooter saddle case  fat tire electric scooter saddle case


95% of Linkseride M1P chopper 2.0 scooter has been installed, you only need to install some small parts, you can find the installation video on this page. We use professional shipping services to deliver your bikes, and ensure that your bikes are delivered and protected well. We also provide 24-hour customer support to solve all the problems you encounter!

Come and join our electric revolution team!

Sales team: info@linkseride.com

US warehouse stock model here.



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