Can I Ride an Electric Motorcycle in the Rain?

motorcycle in the rain

We’ve been fielding a common question lately, especially as the rainy season approaches: Can electric motorcycles be ridden in rainy days?

The answer is a definite: YES.

Concerns about the safety of riding electric motorcycles in the rain are no greater than those for traditional ones. With proper care and vigilance, there’s no cause for concern.



  1. Can I ride an electric motorcycle in the rain? What if it rains and I have it parked
  2. Tips for riding your electric motorcycle in the rain
  3. Avoid aquaplaning:

Can I ride an electric motorcycle in the rain?

Today’s electric motorcycles are already designed to withstand inclement weather.

All of our electric scooters have designs that protect the entire electrical system from the outside, so you will have no problem riding in the rain.


What if it rains and I have it parked?

Don’t worry.

Gasoline motorcycles have to be more careful with the weather.

But electric motorcycles are all electric motor, battery and controller, they are well thought out, protected and designed to withstand rain.

Of course in normal rain. If you have forecast of a cold drop, dana or explosive cyclogenesis as you want to call it, be careful where you park and protect your bike.

In this type of extreme weather, no vehicle is safe.

If you have the possibility to remove the battery, take it home and on the road if it rains, protect the battery.


Tips for riding your electric motorcycle in the rain

When you ride an electric motorcycle in the rain, you have to be as careful as if you were riding a gasoline-powered motorcycle.

You know that motorcycles are more slippery on wet asphalt and that in any fall, you are the bodywork. So be careful!

From Linkseride, we want to give you some tips for driving in the rain:

Of course get prepared:

Waterproof clothing for a comfortable and safe ride.

Keep your helmet visor clean to avoid fogging and to avoid not being able to see anything. Use helmets with special openings and wear a face mask, pinlock or anti-fogging spray.

Reduce your speed:

On rainy days you have to be cautious and no matter how much of a hurry you are in, you have to keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you and go slower than on any other day.

Even if you arrive just in time for work, your life is worth more than a reprimand at work.

Prevents aquaplaning:

Check your tires before you leave. Worn tires or low air and rain are bad companions.

Avoid puddles, take advantage of your greater flexibility of movement and try to avoid them. But if you have no choice but to drive over them, slow down and try not to brake.

It’s all up to you! Now you know our answer to the question “Can I ride an electric motorcycle in the rain?

Of course, caution and a little common sense are key to your safety.


Thinking of buying an electric motorcycle?

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