Electric Motor vs Combustion Engine: Understand the Differences Between Them!

electric motor

Do you have difficulty knowing the difference between the electric motor and the combustion engine? In addition to the obvious difference between one using electricity and the other not, there are a number of details that make the two stand out.

And this can cause a certain doubt in those who do not have so much knowledge and would like to know which of the two is better.  Therefore, we have separated this content especially for you and will explain more details of both engine models.

Want to clear your doubt finally? So keep reading this content and write down the tips!

electric motor

What is the electric motor?

Electric motor is an equipment that can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. We can divide them into three groups that are:

  • Alternating current;
  • Direct current;
  • And Universal Motors.

The alternating current motor makes a magnetic field made by coils can travel by alternating electric currents. Thus, there is a rotor that is made by magnet or coil so that it can feed this electric current.

The DC motor, on the other hand, receives energy from a polarized source that makes an input and output energy path. The universal electric motor can work both ways.

However, it is more common to observe a direct current motor, since it allows the power input pole to be changed without the direction of rotation being modified.


What is the combustion engine?

Combustion engines, on the other hand, make use of fuels so that they can be burned and thus generate thermal energy.

This engine is also known to be an explosion engine, since it takes advantage of this released energy so that it makes the vehicle have the strength to move.


What is the main difference between an electric vehicle and a combustion vehicle?

There are several differences between a vehicle that uses electric motor, to the vehicle that uses combustion. Below we separate some of these main differences, see:


Electric vs combustion

The combustion vehicle has as its principle the mixture of fuel and air so that it can generate an explosion and, with this, offer the necessary energy so that it can move the Pistons.

The electric motor vehicle, on the other hand, makes use of a battery so that it can power it. An inverter is responsible for turning direct current into alternating current and thus making electricity happen and the vehicle move.

In the combustion engine the force and energy are never uniform. In addition, it takes several components for the engine to work, which makes it much heavier.

Most of the energy produced by the engine ends up being lost through heat and only 30% of this is converted into work for driving the axles.

This is a problem that no longer appears in an electric motor, since it has a magnetic field that allows it to generate force and control speed only with a frequency adjustment.

What’s more, electric motors end up taking advantage of about 95% of the energy generated. For this reason, the engine ends up being much lighter and more efficient, having less need for maintenance and producing a higher power and torque than combustion engines.

electric motor street, scooter, vespa-517227.jpg


The vehicle that uses a combustion engine ends up contributing to global warming due to the release of gases that happens during the burning of the fuel.

In addition to pollution of the atmosphere, they also turn out to be harmful to human health. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, do not emit harmful greenhouse gases.

Although the energy source used in the manufacturing process can contribute to these gases, the life cycle of a vehicle will have much lower emissions of gases and pollutants compared to a combustion vehicle.



One of the biggest advantages of having an electric vehicle is on account of the mode of supply. It is only necessary that the vehicle be charged at the outlet for a few hours until it has its full battery for prolonged use.

Unlike the combustion model that constantly needs to be fueled. The only drawback that the electric model finds in this issue is that there are no charging points on the roads as there are filling stations.

In addition, refueling the vehicle takes only a few minutes, while the electric vehicle takes at least 1 hour to have an acceptable percentage for use.

Despite this, there are already ultra-fast chargers on the market with the ability to charge vehicles in a few minutes.



Nowadays gasoline goes through moments of instability in its value and for this reason, many people have made less use of their vehicles because they do not want to afford this high value to have their tank full.

So, even though electric power is relatively new in the car market, it allows you much more autonomy so you can go more places without having to worry about the price of gasoline.

Most people drive a few kilometers a day, which ultimately pays off investing in this device. There are models of electric vehicles capable of traveling 100km on a single charge.



The electric model is a little higher to invest, but it ends up paying off in the future because in addition to not having to buy fuel always, it does not need to undergo frequent repairs or maintenance.

So if one of the issues that most impacts your choice is the economy, there is no doubt that the electric model is better.



Finally, we have seen here the main differences between the electric motor and the combustion engine and which one has a better advantage in the market and in your pocket.

In a while, electric vehicle models will end up being financially equivalent to the price of combustion vehicles, which will make their market adhesion even greater since Price is one of the main impediments for a person to invest in this vehicle.

Tell us what you think and which model you prefer. Share this content with more people.


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